How to stay motivated when working from home

Breaking free from the 9 to 5 workday routine and enjoying a 5-second commute from your home office are just two of the many perks associated with working from home. Everyone who works from home will agree that it’s a great option; you not only get to make your own schedule and spend more time with your family, but you also have the freedom to indulge in other enjoyable activities or hobbies during the day. But, you have to remember that with this added freedom comes a greater responsibility – you are accountable only to yourself. As an independent business owner you have to set your own schedule and stick to it!

For some people, the absence of a strict structure or having no boss around can make it difficult to stay motivated and productive during working hours.

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated while working from home:

1. Take some time to think about why you started working from home

Were you looking for freedom and flexibility? Were you tired of the 9 to 5 workday or the commute?  Did the prospect of spending more time with your family make you happy? In other words, what motivated you to become an independent business owner? Think about the reasons and you’re likely to find your motivation.

2. Reduce social media alerts

Facebook comments, Twitter updates, Instagram likes – there’s no dearth of distractions in the digital age and you have to do your best to overcome the temptation of constantly staying ‘connected’. If you’re having trouble with self-control, consider using an app specially designed to block your Facebook or Twitter for an allotted amount of time while you’re working.

3. Don’t Work Where You Sleep

If you’re someone who wakes up in the morning and immediately reaches for their laptop, scrolling through work emails, then STOP now. There’s no faster way to kill motivation than working in the same area that’s designated for sleep. Also, over time it will get stressful to do all your work at the same spot where you try to take a break and fall asleep at night.  Based on your living arrangements, consider setting up a home-office in a separate room or set up a desk and small work-only space in your  living room.

4. Dress for work

You don’t necessarily have to put on a suit or a dress, but there are benefits to changing out of your pyjamas. Maybe have a designated set of clothes that are only meant for work; this is another way to set clear boundaries between your professional and personal life.

Working from home is a joy if you can strike the right balance between personal and professional time. If you’re looking for a work from home opportunity, get in touch with us today.