11 Tips to Survive Working from Home During the Summer Break  

Much as we all love to spend time with our young ones, the long summer breaks can prove to be tedious for parents who are working from home. During summer breaks, work at home parents can find it complicated to strike the right balance between work and children. It becomes difficult to choose what to do and how to prioritise your time – on the one hand we have our children vying for our attention and, on the other, our work and clients seeking our time.

But, the chaos during the summer breaks can be successfully managed with a little planning.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Do a little over-time before the break starts

If possible, try to spend an hour or two extra on your work for a month before the holidays start. You can utilise this time to complete deadline-oriented projects and even do some of the ground work for your regular tasks.

1. Set the ground rules

Let your children know that even though you love their company and enjoy spending time with them, you need to work too. Set the rules on day one of the summer break; tell them where they cannot play or to maintain silence when you’re on a call, etc.

3. Become a morning person

Try to wake up early morning and complete important work before your children wake up. This will give you time to spend with your children when they do get out of bed.

4. Use the afternoon nap

Utilise your children’s afternoon naps to make client calls, finish or attend to work that needs your attention.

5. Plan projects for your children

Keep your children gainfully engaged with interesting projects that they can do while you attend to work. You can try giving them story writing, arts and crafts, drawing, gardening projects or even motivate them to clean their room.

6. Network with other work-from-home parents

Connect and build a community of parents who work from home. You can watch over each other’s children when one needs to go out for a meeting or needs to work without distraction or disturbance.

7. Inculcate the habit of reading

There’s no better time than the summer to inculcate the habit of reading in your children. Get them some age-appropriate books, provide them with some mouth-watering healthy snacks and let them cosy up with the book, while you finish your work. This is one habit both you and they will be grateful for in the long run! It’s also better than depending on movies and the television for entertainment.

8. Explore local activity classes or a summer camp option

If you’re really tied up with work, and can’t take out time to spend with your children during the summer break, try looking at activity classes or even the month-long summer camps. This will ensure your children are in a safe and happy environment and you can concentrate on your work.

9. Encourage them to learn something new

Encourage your children to learn something new; it could be a language, art, music, sport or they could even try to take up a new hobby. This will not only keep them engaged but also help build their personality.

10. Help them become entrepreneurs/social workers

Not so useful for younger children, but this can definitely do wonders for the slightly older ones (7 and above). Help your children find an age-appropriate activity that will keep them busy and maybe even help them understand the basics of business. For example, they can look at taking up delivering newspapers, opening a lemonade stand, washing cars, walking dogs, or they can even consider helping out at a local charity or retirement home.

11. Hire a nanny

If your children are too young to take up any of the above activities, and there’s absolutely no way that you can devote more time to them, then you can consider hiring a nanny to give your children company.

Irrespective of what you chose to do to get through the summer breaks, ensure that you at least keep your evenings and weekends free for your children. Get in touch with us to discuss work from home opportunities and options.