Tips to transition into a work from home lifestyle

Transitioning from a mundane office-based environment to a flexible work from home routine is a big change and one that would certainly necessitate some major adjustments to your lifestyle. Although you will definitely enjoy the many perks of this growing trend, it does come with its unique set of challenges – the very first of which is discipline. It can be difficult to discipline yourself when you have nobody telling you what to do and when to do it. Working from home also means having to avoid distractions – the TV is just in the next room, and social media just a click away.

Another striking difference between conventional office work and working from home is the solitude, which you need to use to your benefit rather than letting it get the better of you. In the office, you are surrounded by the constant support of your colleagues, secure in the knowledge that help is just a shout away, and that everyone is working as hard as you. As a homeworker, you have to have the motivation and resourcefulness to be at your professional and productive best, as you work within the walls of your comfort zone.

However, it can’t be denied that a home-based business has immense advantages – a flexible work schedule, playing by your own rules, more time to spend with friends and family, the ability to skip the monotony of driving and traffic, to name a few.  If the idea of having greater control over your life appeals to you and you too are contemplating changing over to this dynamic and convenient work culture, we have a few pointers that will help you make a smooth transition while maintaining optimum efficiency.

Get dressed smartly and on time

Working from home in pyjamas is not a great idea. It will make you feel lax and lazy, and is thus not conducive to a good work ethic. Being well dressed and punctual makes you feel fresh and energised, and reminds you of your office routine. The time for pyjamas will come later – when you feel absolutely comfortable with your business and have properly balanced work and play.

Set up a fully functioning home office

To make yourself feel productive, be organised and set up a desk and a chair with all your office essentials. Designate a room of your house as your office/study, and avoid doing any non-office related work there. That room should solely be your office, not a lounge pad.

Walk around a bit

Sitting at home and staring at a computer screen all day is definitely not a healthy lifestyle. Take regular breaks and walk around, maybe go grocery shopping. Some form of exercise is always recommended, since working from home means that you no longer need to even walk to your car, or to the coffee shop nearby. Exercising and keeping active also helps keep your mind active.

Set a fixed work routine

Allot a certain period of the day for your work. Have a fixed routine, and stick to it religiously. Do not allow yourself to get overworked, as this will only lead to getting more stressed, which in turn will lower the quality of your work. At the end of your work period, allow yourself to unwind and relax. Find activities that you enjoy and de-stress you.

Make a checklist of your goals for the day

Write down all the tasks you hope to accomplish each day. Make a timetable, and stick to it. When you can see your goals in front of you, it provides motivation and incentive to work towards them. Reward yourself with a snack or a treat (preferably something healthy) when you finish each task.

Set clear boundaries

Make it a point to lock your home office doors and leave the room at the end of the work day just as you would leave your conventional workplace. Have in place an “away message” on your work email and work related devices so that there is a clear demarcation of your office and personal time. This will ensure that your day has a well-defined routine and gives you sufficient interval to recharge your batteries before the next working day.

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So go ahead – make the transition into a flexible work culture and enjoy being your own boss – in total control of your routine and of your flourishing home-based business.