How would your life be different if you were an independent business owner?

Being an independent business owner is indeed an empowering and illuminating experience. This privilege is accompanied by myriad changes in every sphere of life. You get the opportunity to steer your career plans based on your skill set. You are guided by your own set of rules. However, these advantages come along with the crucial task of shouldering responsibilities independently. You assume the role of being the principal decision maker and this marks a major shift from working in a traditional office set-up.

Listed below are a few ways in which your life is modified if you choose to be your own boss:

Flexible working

Being your own boss offers ample scope for flexibility both in terms of time and scheme of functioning. You can easily balance between professional and personal commitments and plan your time to accommodate both. You also enjoy the freedom to experiment with new ideas and modify business plans based on your own judgment. There are fewer limiting factors as you are not guided by rules set by a superior authority. There is more scope to learn and evolve. You have the liberty to alter plans to ensure that you do not stagnate.


When you choose to become a business owner, you definitely opt for a domain that you are best at. The satisfaction arising out of this is far greater than any other career option. Starting your own business offers the best route to nurture your skills and yield outstanding results. The probability of the work appearing monotonous is much lower as it is more of a passion than just a profession.


You emerge with a greater degree of independence and confidence. Being an independent business owner has an overall impact on your personality and thinking process. Your ideas are not curtailed by organisational restrictions and there is a constant flow of innovative approaches.  Since you are answerable only to yourself, there is a wider scope to try new ideas and take risks which not only help in making the business successful, but also make you more inventive.

The experience of being at the apex of planning and decision-making is undoubtedly a satisfying experience. However, you need to be enthusiastic at every stage. Discipline and planning are the key factors that help to succeed. You are empowered with a higher level of freedom and it is up to you to ensure that you make the best use of it. The drive to succeed has to come from within you.  You need to be self-motivated and there is no room for non-compliance.

The decision to start your own business and reap the advantages of being your own boss is bound to change life in a significant way.  Initially it may appear to be an uphill task but the hindrances that strike your path will enable you to become more resourceful. It is indeed a journey worth experiencing.

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