6 Facts About Working From Home You Can’t Ignore

If you haven’t warmed up to the idea of working from home, here are some interesting data-based facts to help you re-evaluate your opinion and give it a try.

1. A report by the Office for National Statistics found that people who commute to work experience lower life satisfaction and happiness, and higher levels of stress and anxiety when compared to those who do not commute to work.

Long commutes and never-ending traffic do have a way of ruining your day and increasing your stress levels, don’t they?

2. According to a survey by TUC – Britain at Work in 2015, the number of men working from home outnumbered the number of women working from home by 303,000.

Working from home is no longer the preferred option just for women and working mothers, men have also joined the team!

3. According to a study published in HBR, home workers are more productive and tend to get more work done.

The tea-breaks, water cooler gossip sessions, and time wasted in travel can be used more effectively and productively for work.

4. Working from home helps you save on costs incurred on travel, childcare, and elderly care, while still ensuring that your earning potential is maintained! All these costs can be converted into savings!

According to reports (2015), childcare costs alone work out to approx. £11,000 – £14,000 annually. Add to this the cost you incur on travel and elderly care (if applicable), it’s a huge amount isn’t it? Now, aren’t there better ways to spend that money!

5. There is such a thing as a National Work from Home Day, which is celebrated on 20th of May.

If you wanted any more evidence of the importance of the work from home option, this should be sufficient.

6. According to a survey, people who work from home, on average, earn £3 more than those who work from an office.

If you choose the right options, then working from home can turn out to be good for the health of your bank account too!

It also helps that working from home allows you more time with your family and an opportunity to pursue your hobbies and interests. If you would like to give this option a try, get in touch with us and we will assist you with relevant opportunities.