Advantages of having a working mum

A debate that has been on-going for the past few decades, particularly gaining momentum over the last few years, is the one surrounding working mums within the parenting sphere. A report published by the Office for National Statistics in 2014 states that 9 out 10 women are now opting to continue working post motherhood, leading to certain changes in the economic sphere of the country.

The report also states that there has been an estimated fall from 15.9% in 1993 to 10.1% in 2013 in the number of economically inactive women within the age group of 16 to 64. This creates an interesting new dynamic within the working population as well as the typical family unit – a change that is being noted not just in the UK but pretty much everywhere across the world.

Here are some advantages of having a working mum:

Positive role model

There are many advantages that go hand-in-hand with having a working mum in the family. Children grow up watching their mothers balancing the needs of the home and family along with those of her work. This adept juggling makes her a positive role model for her children who then grow up believing that having both a family life and a work life doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to come at the expense of the other.

At the same time, this also teaches children to become more independent and capable of taking care of themselves, whilst learning to take on more responsibilities around the house. This holds them in good stead when the time comes for them to step out of the family nest and go out into the world on their own.

Time management skills

Most working mothers have to figure out an efficient method of time management in order to ensure that they give adequate time to their children, work and home. Children end up learning the value of efficient time management and prioritising what is important by watching their mothers make these decisions every single day. Working mothers are highly capable jugglers – consistently managing the demands of a job and the demands of parenting. They understand the importance of making the most of the quality time they have with their children. Email, WhatsApp, Facebook are put on the backseat in order to make way for important time with their children.

Maintaining home and work life balance

A common misconception that society encourages is that women can’t have it all, especially if they attempt to balance a career and a family life with children. While this is changing, there is an additional factor that can make this process smoother within the family unit – having a supportive partner. Not only does it allow the parents to set up a mutually beneficial support system for one another, the united front manifests as a wonderful example for the children who learn and live by the example of their parents. At the same time, children get to see both their parents working inside and outside the home together, thereby setting a positive example for them and enforcing the idea that contributions at home and at work are equally valuable, for both men and women. Getting the balance right goes a long way all around, thereby allowing the working mum to maintain a healthy and strong relationship with her children and partner.

These social advantages go a long way in establishing the importance of having a mother who is working. The learnings for children are plenty, since they tend to learn by example. Having a role model who manages to multi-task adeptly can only be a positive factor in the child’s socialisation and growth.

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