Work from home: How to approach your to-do list 

The opportunity to work from home undeniably sounds inviting. However, working from home can become a gruelling task if you fail to adopt the right approach. The distractions you face may pose as stumbling blocks and curtail your level of productivity. Planning and time management are essential to ensure that you are able to deliver positive results.

To draw an effective plan, you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. The rules for success may not be the same for everyone. This makes it necessary to have an understanding about your preferences and how you intend to take up your tasks. It is a lot to do with an individual’s productivity and style of working.

To begin with, it is a good idea to have an organised to-do list in place. Here are some points to keep in mind while preparing yours.


A clear picture of all the tasks that you intend to accomplish during a day or a week is necessary before you set professional deadlines for yourself when working from home. It helps to make effective plans and set realistic timeframes. You may be a work-at-home- mum and your tasks and time management for the day may be very different from that of regular employees. You also need clarity about how you prefer to go ahead with your work. Some people prefer to take up lengthy or difficult tasks first, others prefer to go slow initially and then pick up pace with a strenuous task. You need to figure out the manner of working that allows you to make the most optimal use of your skills.

Use the trial and error method

Experimenting paves the way for the best approaches to emerge. You can apply the same rule to your work from home plan too. Make observations about things like, the time of the day that works best for you and sections of your tasks that appear easy or difficult to you. You can then tailor your schedule to help you work in the most efficient way possible.

Flexible time plan

Working from home offers immense flexibility to plan tasks at your convenience. This makes it necessary to employ the most efficient and disciplined use of your time. Setting goals for the day and allocating a specific amount of time for each task may prove to be of great help. Time management also prevents you from losing focus as it keeps you aware of your progress. However, make sure that your plans are flexible and there is space for reorganising tasks. This will allow you to allocate extra time to a task if required. It will also be possible for you to accommodate urgent or unplanned tasks.

Focus on quality

Success comes with efficiency and quality. You need to emphasise on the quality of your work, rather than the number of tasks that you have accomplished. You also need to apply the concept of quality to your time management. It is good to take a break rather than spend hours on a task without any productive outcome. If you realise that you are not able to give your full attention to a task, switch to something else that you want to do. Your ultimate goal is to maximise your time available resources and make the most of your skills when working from home.

Prioritise tasks

You must have a list of planned tasks to execute, even whilst you are working from home. However, be clear about how you want to prioritise your work. Make sure that you do not miss out on an important task in an endeavour to complete smaller tasks.

Effective planning and time management is the key to accomplishing a successful work from home plan.

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