Career opportunities for work at home mums

In an era where everything you need to buy and sell is just a mouse-click away, a work at home business model is an ideal opportunity, especially to preserve flexibility and family life. It gives new mums, dads and even retired people a great chance to work at their own pace. Many mums are not only looking for a career change, but also a flexible option where they could balance work and life. They want to spend some quality time with their children. Additionally, being a work at home mum is a great way to evade the morning traffic chaos and have the advantage of working from the comfort of your home – which is why most people today are saying goodbye to their traditional 9-5 working days.

Work at home skills:

  • There are certain challenges to face if you set up your work place at home. First of all, it is necessary to prove that you are reliable. To prove that you are a reliable source, you need to stick to deadlines.
  • Time management: Time management plays a very important role when you choose to work from home. You need to make a schedule at the beginning of the day. You will have household chores and professional work to do. It is important to divide the time and work accordingly.
  • Technical knowledge: You need to be technically equipped when you choose to work from home. If you face any technical problem you should have the knowledge to resolve it.
  • Self dependent: People who are self dependent can perform well. You should develop the skill to work independently. You will not have colleagues to guide you.
  • Communication: Proper communication through emails or through telephone conversations is very important. You need to know what the company wants from you. You should be a pro at asking questions if you face any challenges.

Here are some exciting opportunities

To enjoy the independence that comes from working at home, mums can choose from several exciting options – teacher, travel agent, writer, technical assistant, web developer, designer or independent business owner.

Teacher: There is demand for online tutors. If you have a teaching background, you can approach many institutions who want virtual teachers.

Writer/editor: There is a high demand for online writers, editors and proof readers. There are many companies who need writers/editors to help them online. Blogging can also be a career for stay at home mums.

Start your own business:  Starting your business while you are at home is another great option.  There are many business opportunities available online.  You can make something (like food, craft) and sell it online.

Positive sides:

No boss: There is no peer pressure and you can be your own boss if you work from home. There is no interference of colleagues.

Flexibility:  It provides flexibility and is a great opportunity for career-orientated women. Apart from financial freedom there is also a lot of learning. There is no hard and fast rule to be in the office at a particular time.

Your kind of work: Another positive aspect of working from home is that you can choose the kind of work you do.

Family time: It is a plus point for work from home mums to work as well as spend time with their children.