Struggling with your holiday greetings? 4 tips to help you get started

The holidays are a great time to build stronger relationships with customers and take the time to send something special – a warm holiday greeting card or a thoughtful gift. A simple act of kindness can make your customers and work colleagues feel valued and the holidays are the perfect time to share gratitude with the people you do business with all year long.

The holidays are also a busy time for most businesses and everyone is in a rush to get things done before people head off on their annual leave etc. – so it can be a challenge to find the time to write warm, personalised messages and greetings to each and every person on your list of customers, colleagues, business partners, affiliates or vendors. To help you get started, we’ve put together some tips:

1. Personalise your messages

It’s tempting to find a template online or look for an online greeting card to send in one go to everyone on your list. But, take the time to write a personal message, either via email or by sending a hand written card. It shows you genuinely care. The message does need to be long or detailed; just make the other person feel like you were thinking of them when you wrote it.

For Example:

“Happy Holidays Sam. It’s been such a great year working with you. Thanks for the attention to detail you put into each and every design. Have a lovely time with your family.”

2. Don’t specify a religious greeting

It is common practice these days to keep the messages in greeting cards generic in terms of religious significance. Of course, if you know first-hand that someone celebrates a particular occasion then acknowledge it but be cautious in instances when you are unsure, or your work relationship with the recipient is very formal or professional. Also, stick to warm greetings and forego humorous messages – what is funny to one person can seem offensive to another.

3. Digital cards/messages versus handwritten cards

Should you write a card or send an email? The answer really depends on how you usually communicate with your customers, colleagues and acquaintances. If you mostly email and have minimum contact personally or via phone, then email might be the way to go. Alternatively, if you enjoy the card-shopping experience and prefer to take the time to hand-write each card then don’t feel obligated to jump on board the digital bandwagon of emailers or e-cards. If you have people’s addresses and the budget to send cards, go for it!

4. Nobody is perfect – check your grammar & spelling

Give your message a once-over to make sure everything looks fine. Make sure to check the spelling of each person’s name – nothing ruins the sentiment behind a greeting card like a misspelled name!

To sum up it up, the vital parts of a holiday business greeting are – make your message stand out, give thanks and send holiday greetings. Even a small message that has the right amount of personalisation and gratitude will mean a lot to the people you work with throughout the year!

Happy Holidays!