How can work at home professionals beat the Monday blues?

The start of a working week after a relaxing weekend can be tough. The drudgery of Monday affects everyone – whether you are working in a traditional office set-up or a work at home professional. Mondays can be overwhelming and they are rarely seen as a new start to a new week. A study conducted by researchers found that Monday mornings can be so depressing that people cannot bear to crack a smile until midday!

However, Monday does not necessarily have to be a dreadful and less productive day. When approached with the right frame of mind, Monday can be a good start to an amazing week!

1.End your Sundays early

Getting enough sleep is essential for your body to feel well-rested. This helps in starting off your week without feeling groggy and sluggish. Another habit worth incorporating would be to get up early on Monday and start your day with an enjoyable workout. Exercise helps to improve your state of mind and create positive energy to begin your day.

2.Indulge your mornings with a good breakfast

A hearty breakfast can help to kick-start your brain. Having something tasty and different for breakfast can instantly put you in a better mood. After all, crankiness due to hunger is the last thing anyone needs when they begin working.

3.Listen to some music

It is a known fact that music impacts a person’s mood. Listening to songs or some upbeat music can boost your mood and make you feel ready for the challenging work awaiting your attention.

4.Take mini-breaks

Staying glued to your workstation negatively affects your health, as well as your creativity and productivity. Taking small breaks throughout the days helps in organising your thoughts and makes you feel refreshed.

5.Getting past the dreaded Monday

Yes, Mondays are a little tough. Not because of the work but because of the transition from weekend to working week. However, once you get the hang of things, Mondays don’t seem that bad at all.

6.Set a pattern

Establishing a sleep pattern is really important if the weekday alarms get on your nerves. Weekends bring with them the temptation of sleeping till noon, waking up just in time for lunch. This kind of pattern results in weekday tiredness – firstly, “catching up” on sleep during weekends makes it hard to get up early during the week and, secondly, the pressure of going to bed early on Sundays can make it hard to actually fall asleep.  By following a uniform sleep pattern, you will feel energised all week long.

However, if every work day feels like a Monday, you might want to get in touch with us for business opportunities. Arise provides individuals with an opportunity to become work-at-home professionals while providing a virtual platform for them to connect with large companies. Maybe this might be your cure for those weekday blues!