5 creative ways to use Twitter for small businesses

Twitter is a great microblogging platform that offers immense opportunities for inventive social media marketing. Being an active participant of the twitter community enables people to reach out to a larger audience. Twitter holds a lot of potential for building strong relationships with loyal followers and converting them to sales. Small businesses can conveniently use twitter to enhance their business prospects and advertise their products or services. Let us explore a few creative ways in which Twitter can be used to sell ideas.

Creative Branding:

Both for creating brand awareness and to establish a distinguished presence in the market -Twitter is an effective platform. You can include images and descriptions on your profile that embodies your brand and communicates your story. You can also add links to your website and landing page. Additionally, visual content like infographics and explainer videos have become a must-have for every business that aims to build their presence on Twitter.

Interact with your audience:

Twitter offers huge scope to network and connect with people. You can target potential fans and encourage them to follow your page by providing interesting and informative descriptions about your brand. Besides, your twitter strategy can be much more than just building a new customer base. Twitter can also be used to engage in two way conversations with existing customers and keep them happy by addressing their queries and concerns.

Prepare an attractive content plan:

It is essential to ensure that you maintain an acceptable frequency of posts. Posting back-to-back updates can be frustrating for your followers, so it’s important to understand your audience and post updates accordingly. Having a creative content plan spread over a period of time is a powerful way to generate followers. Particular days of the week can feature certain types of tweets like promotions, how-to tips, product descriptions, polls, open-ended questions and so on. This strategy will lead to increased interaction and is a good way to keep people engaged. It will also help you to understand the requirements and opinions of your target audience.

Use effective hashtags:

Hashtags are productive tools that can enable you to get into relevant conversations. Hashtags give an idea about the trending topics in the industry. By making use of popular hashtags that are related to your brand, you can reach out to a wider audience. You can also identify events related to your business and use those event-related hashtags for promotion purposes.

Create an engaging Twitter landing page:

A landing page created specifically for Twitter can serve as a great way to draw followers. This page will act as the entry point for users keen to know more about your brand and products/services. You don’t get much space on Twitter to offer a detailed description and therefore having a twitter specific landing page really works. The twitter landing page can include a gist of the products and services offered, offers for your twitter followers and links to your latest blogs. This space may encourage users to follow your product by introducing them to your brand. You can make the landing page interesting and creative to capture the reader’s attention.

Twitter has emerged as a competent marketing platform for businesses and, when used creatively, can pave the way for a successful social media marketing campaign. If you are an independent business owner or intend to start your own business, visit Arise to get more information. Arise provides a virtual platform to connect primarily work-at-home service professionals, running small call centre businesses to Fortune 500 and other large companies. To know more, get in touch with us here.