8 mistakes work from home mums make

Getting an opportunity to work from home can be great. You can effectively manage your time and activities, you don’t have to commute, and you get the time to develop and indulge in your personal interests.

While working from home is a great opportunity, most work-from-home mums start off with the wrong mindset, which can create havoc in their family life as well as their business. Here are some of the most common mistakes which many mums are guilty of making –

1. Skimping on childcare

For most mums, the main motivation for working at home is to spend maximum time with their kids. However, it is difficult to focus on your work if you are trying to take care of your children at the same time. With rising childcare costs, it may seem wasteful to pay a nanny to cover naptime. However, if your conference call is interrupted by your toddler’s loud shriek, you may come across as unprofessional to your client, which could undo all the hard work you’ve put in demonstrating your professionalism up until that point.

2. Multitasking

Though you may feel tremendous freedom when working from home, it is best to fight the urge to check your Facebook account, engage with your kids, or do laundry or dishes – all while you are working. Multitasking is not only unfair to your kids and clients but it potentially damages your career.

3. Not planning meals in advance

Though it may seem trivial, planning meals in advance helps you focus on your work and have a better work day. Not having a weekly or a daily meal plan in place makes for stressful evenings and harder to concentrate on work.

4. Lack of a proper schedule

As a work from home mum, you may feel tempted to work all the time, check your email, follow up with clients etc. Here are some ways to combat this:

  • Except for rare instances, keep your evenings to unwind.
  • Maintain a daily or a weekly schedule.
  • Evaluate when your focus and energy levels are the highest and set it aside for work time.
  • Splitting your day into sections and maintaining a schedule helps you accomplish tasks within the stipulated time.

5. Lack of backup for technology

Technology is vital when it comes to working from home. And one important thing about technology is that you cannot count on it. Imagine losing all your data because your laptop crashed, or your device got formatted. It is, therefore, wise to back up all important data, have a secondary device to work on, and a backup internet connection.

6. No exclusive workplace

Working from home gives you the liberty to work anywhere in or outside your house. You may choose to sit outside when it’s sunny, or retreat to the sofa when it’s cold outside. This means that you and your work are all over the place, which results in a distracted mind and an unproductive workday. Instead, be more efficient by finding an exclusive work place that will cater to most of your needs and focus your mind.

7. Failing to set boundaries

Friends and neighbours who commute to workplaces may have a hard time understanding that you actually have a real job. Yes, you do want to be a good friend and neighbour, but that doesn’t mean you volunteer to take your neighbour’s dog out for a walk or look after their kids. Don’t let your personal life intrude into work hours and vice versa.

8. Not exercising

A research study mentioned in the Daily Mail stated people who exercised daily were happier, less stressed and more productive. This should motivate you to schedule time at the gym or just go for a relaxing walk or jog in the park. Prioritise your health and avoid feeling guilty about taking this time out from work or kids.

If you are making any of these mistakes, it is time to correct them and respect your work and time. And if you are a mum looking for a work from home opportunity, contact us today! Arise provides a virtual platform for work-at-home professionals to connect with large companies.