Ways for work-at-home professionals to socialise

Working from home has many advantages. You don’t have to deal with office politics, you save time commuting, have more family time and fewer co-worker distractions. While it does seem like an ideal situation, working from home can leave you feeling socially and professionally isolated.

Although isolation can be a potential pitfall of working from home, there are many ways work-at-home professionals can socialise.

1. Try meetup.com

Meetup is a social networking portal which facilitates offline meetings across various localities. Users enter their city or postal code and join groups which share their interests. The website then helps them locate a group and arrange a place and time to meet.

For professionals who work from home, this portal can be used to find other work-at-home professionals or hobby groups. Depending on your location and needs, you might just get a local Meetup group which shares your interests.

 2. Create or work at a jelly

Started in 2009, Jelly is a co-working event where business owners meet, work and collaborate with other business owners in an informal working environment. Jelly organisers promote their events on a wiki page and provide the venue, Wi-Fi, and parking for free.

So, the next time you feel that isolation is getting the better of you, just log on to the portal and find the nearest jelly event, or create your own jelly.

3. Co-working

Unlike Meetup or Jelly, co-working comes at a price. Costing around £4 to £10 per day, it involves a shared working environment where everyone is working independently. However, you can opt for co-working on days when you feel the blues. To find out if there is a local co-working space in your area, simply type ‘co-working in (your location)’ in the Google search field.

4. Volunteering

Volunteering is yet another socialising option for professionals who work from home. It gives you an opportunity to meet new people, gain experience and do your bit to help others. With so many tools at your disposal, it is now easy to search for volunteering opportunities near your area. All you have to do is enter your postal code on sites like Volunteering Matters, Volunteer Now, etc.

And of course, the most effective way to socialise is to….

5. Leave your house and meet people

When you work from home, it gets far too easy to stay cooped up in the house all day. However, it is best to leave your house at least once – maybe to run an errand or just to get some fresh air. Enrol yourself in a hobby class or fitness group to meet people.

With the number of people working from home touching a record 1.5 million, you are bound to come across a group or community to interact with. And if you are a professional who is on a look out for a work from home opportunity, get in touch with the Arise network today!