5 Questions Work from Home Professionals Get Asked By their Friends and Family 

Work from home opportunities are accompanied with varied benefits. The conveniences offered make them an ideal means to strike a perfect work-life balance. Yet this arrangement of working is associated with a lot of misconceptions. Arising out of these myths are odd questions that people working at home face on a regular basis. Here are five of the most common examples.

Does working from home ensure a stable income?

The most common apprehension is associated with income stability. People often wonder whether individuals who work from home earn enough. However, the reality is far from the belief held by most people. People working at home often make much more than their counterparts working from office. The fact that people working at home are not bound by any organisational constraints makes it easier to grow, expand and earn more. There is the freedom to set your own targets which may be much higher than that of a regular position. The privilege to work as per your convenience ensures a higher level of productivity and income.

Working from home must be difficult since there is limited scope to socialise?

People are often under the impression that individuals who choose to work from home are lonely and disconnected. They assume there is limited scope to socialise since you are detached from being a member of an established organisation. This perception is untrue, as isolation and loneliness are more to do with the nature of an individual rather than the manner of working. The means to socialise is not merely by being in the same office or organisation. Individuals who work from home may have a wider network since it is not limited to one company or a few clients.  The flexibility offered in terms of time and space makes it easier to connect with people professionally and personally.

How difficult is it to work in the absence of a career ladder?

Individuals who take up work from home opportunities find it hard to escape this question. Regular office professions offer a definitive development and career path, unlike those who work at home. This often makes people believe that there is absence of growth potential in work at home businesses. However, this is again a misconstruction. Career growth is self-driven in work at home opportunities. There is no limit to growth and you are guided by your own set of rules. This makes it easier to explore new areas, acquire new skills, experiment and take bigger jumps in your career progression.

You must have a lot of spare time?                 

It is again a mistaken belief that people who work at home have a considerable amount of free time.  There is flexibility and freedom to plan work as per your convenience. But this does not imply that there is always time to accommodate extra personal tasks.

When do you intend to take up a real full-time position?

It is often difficult to convince people that work from home opportunities are very much like full-time work. Some benefits enjoyed by regular business positions may be missing but this does not make it any less esteemed. In fact, being connected to a distinguished organisation may not always offer the best scope to grow.

The above are common myths that continue to surround the concept of work from home careers. Be prepared to face questions like these if you aspire to be your own boss.

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