Nursery: the perfect solution to help children with social skills

Working mothers often find themselves surrounded by a feeling of guilt. This arises out of the fear that they are not spending enough time with their child. However, recent research brings some good news for working mums. It claims that children who go to nursery are likely to develop social skills faster than those who stay at home with their mothers.

The study was based on answers provided by mothers of children aged between two and three years of age. The questions were focused on developmental milestones and social skills. In terms of percentage, children in nursery experienced a 10 percent positive influence in their daily skills, while those who stayed with grandparents had their talking and social skills improved by five percent and ten percent respectively. In contrast, children who had non-working mums faced a negative impact of five percent on their social skills.

This comes as a reassurance to parents who often feel guilty about leaving their child in nursery. It also suggests that nursery plays a positive role in the overall development of a child – attributing to the fact that a nursery provides a platform for children to interact, explore and learn with other children. There is a lot of scope for group learning and children learn to share, respect and take turns. There exists the perfect setting for interactive and fun-based learning.

Nursery activities that help children learn social cues

The report also points out that singing, painting and arts & craft had a positive effect on dexterity skills. Similarly, reading stories and broadening the circle of social interaction has a great impact on enhancing speaking skills. Involvement in different activities is a powerful means to boost talent. Some of the activities that children can take part in at nursery are:
• Drawing, painting, sticking
• Reading and storytelling
• Playing with building blocks
• Jigsaw puzzles
• Reciting nursery rhymes
• Singing

The fact that being in nursery positively influences a child is reason enough to dilute the guilt of being a working parent. Being employed makes you financially secure and makes it possible to explore and participate in other activities with your child. It broadens opportunities for you and improves your lifestyle in many ways.

Another smart way of availing the dual benefit of being employed yet still having the liberty of spending enough time with your child is by choosing a work at home career. Flexible working is an effective way of striking the perfect work-life balance. You get the freedom to plan your work at your convenience, and you are never too tired or stressed out to spend time with your child.

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