Working from home? Get dressed, don’t become the house elf

Work from home opportunities offer a number of privileges, including the freedom to wear whatever you wish. In a recent UK survey, conducted by workplace provider Regus, it was revealed that quite a number of people working from home prefer to be in their pyjamas. However, have you ever considered whether your relaxed attire could in fact impact your work? The answer to this is ‘yes’.

Clothes influence the way we feel about ourselves and subsequently have an indirect impact on our levels of productivity. Getting dressed up to work from home helps to build the right frame of mind. It is easier to focus and has a positive psychological impact by making you feel more productive.

Here are several reasons why dressing smart when you work from home will help you to be more productive:

Dressing up saves you from awkward situations

Being presentable will prevent you from any last minute panics should you need to attend an impromptu meeting or get on a quick Skype conference call. Getting dressed to work from home ensures that you are always ready to be part of any form of professional commitment. This will save time and deter awkward situations.

Are pyjamas a good idea?

It is a good idea to wear clothes that make you feel professional even when you are working from home. Getting into the right mindset enhances efficiency and makes it easier to concentrate. You may associate pyjamas with relaxation and thus wearing them while working could make you feel lazy or remind you of your warm cosy bed. To help you stay focused it’s always best to put on a fresh set of clothes before you start your work day from home.

Feeling good about your work day

There’s no denying that the way we dress can have a significant impact on how we feel. We’re not saying you should start wearing a pencil skirt and a crisp collared shirt, but as we already pointed out, pyjamas are a big no-no. Sure, there are lots of home workers who are more comfortable in pyjamas, but wearing the same clothes to sleep and work in is unlikely to make you feel productive or ambitious about your day. Instead, choose comfortable jeans and a sweater or, what many these days are calling, ‘casual house clothes’. Remember, it’s not so much about impressing anyone, as it is about feeling work-ready!

Business psychologist Helen Fisher points out that there are connections between our emotions, beliefs and actions. She explains that if you feel unpleasant a particular morning and wear clothes that reflect that, you may end up feeling worse. If you have been in a tracksuit for months and then wear a suit for a meeting, you may not feel comfortable and this can have an impact on your performance. In other words, what we choose to wear influences how we feel throughout the day.

So, next time, make sure you wear something that is both comfortable and that enhances your personality. A business-like look will help you to be in the right frame of mind and make for a great start to your workday.