5 Reasons to Consider Leaving the Corporate World

Most professionals spend the greater part of their day at work, to the point where their employer’s office almost becomes a second home. It is therefore only natural for some of them to hesitate in taking the plunge to leave the corporate world, set up their own business and work from home. Alongside feeling that they would lose out on all the fun aspects of working from an office, they also worry they wouldn’t get any tangible benefits by working from home in return. What many of these professionals don’t realise is that, if they make the right choices, at times, working from home is more satisfying and fulfilling than it is working from a traditional office set up.

If you’re oscillating between the decision to work from home or from a traditional office, here are 5 reasons to help you choose the former without any hesitation!

Own Your Time

Whilst you do need to give a certain amount of time to your work when working from home, you get to choose that time according to your own comfort and preference. So if you feel like working early in the morning or sitting up late at night, then you can. Working from home frees you from the restrictive 9 to 5 schedule – one that starts at nine but usually doesn’t end at five!

Save Time

Along with owning your time, working from home also helps save you a lot of it – the time that you spend commuting to and from office, the time that you spend listening to your colleagues’ mundane gossip just to be polite and the time that you spend in dressing right for work and in shopping for those “right clothes”! All this time can be used for work or for relaxing with your family.

Spend Time with Family

This is probably the main reason that propels professionals to consider working from home. It’s an important one, especially for those who have a young family or are responsible for the care of elders. Working from home not only allows you to personally take care of family, but it also helps reduce the cost you would have incurred in hiring outside help to care for them in your absence.

Stay Away from Office Politics

A research by Adecco found that 33% of people listed office politics as a major reason for discontent at work and 28% have taken sick leave because they dread going to work! Such is the prevalence and terror of office politics! Working from home provides you with the opportunity to stay away from all this and do your work in peace – reason enough to consider working from home.

All these things help improve quality of life, without compromising on your professional prospects. To take advantage of these benefits by setting up your own work from home business, get in touch and our team will assist you in finding the right opportunities!