Why I would choose flexible working Over a 9 to 5 any day

I believe choosing between flexible working and a 9 to 5 format is an important decision. How, when, and from where we work affects both our professional and personal life. It is thus important that we list out all the pros and cons specific to us for both the options before making a final decision.

When I was faced with this choice a couple of years ago, I preferred flexible working over the traditional 9 to 5 schedule. Still do. Here’s why.

Flexible working gives you more time with family

Spending quality time with family is very important, more so if you have young children. Flexible working gave me the freedom to spend more time with my children, help them with their homework, and be an active part of their younger years without having to give up my professional ambitions.

Saves your time and energy

Travelling to and from work, is perhaps more exhausting than the actual time spent at work – doing work. By working from home, I not only save time, but also feel more energised through out the day. In fact, when I choose to actually work “9 to 5” from home, I have noticed that I get more done in that same time period than I would have if I was commuting to work. So, flexible working is good for increasing productivity as well.

With flexible working options, you can save money

This is an important point! By opting for flexible working, I was able to cut down on a lot of expenses that earlier took away a major portion of my salary. Now I no longer have to spend on child care, on keeping up with the fashion trends for work clothes, and on the daily commute to work. Since I now work from home, I can share responsibilities with my partner – be it cooking meals, doing the laundry, or any other chore.

Keeps you away from office politics

This is another major plus of flexible working. I realised that while working from home, I didn’t have to directly deal with petty office politics and unnecessary gossip sessions on a regular basis. If by chance, any such conversation does crop up during a work call, I am able to politely cut it short or evade it completely. This is proving to be immensely beneficial for both my health and for my work.

Flexible working model helps you pursue your dreams

Where do you spend all the time and money that you save while working from home? On pursuing your hobbies and dreams. Flexible working has accorded me the time and the resources to pursue my hobbies – writing and photography – for which I did not have either the time or the spare funds earlier. Now I can spend a few hours every week pursuing these activities and return to work and my daily routine feeling more refreshed and happy.

 Flexible working has worked for me and it can work for you too if you know how to prioritise your tasks and manage your time. Arise Work from Home helped me find the right opportunity, they can assist you as well to find and explore relevant options.