Work from home motivation Wars: Boredom Strikes Back

Have you ever been so bored at work that you ended up making a tree structure out of bulldog clips? Or rediscovered the joys of doodling on MS Paint? Working from home can be great – you can have your own schedules, be your own boss, cut down on commuting. But the work from home motivation war continues in the absence of a strict timetable and the lack of accountability to a physically present boss?

Good news! It’s been reported that keeping yourself recharged with good humour and fun in between your workload can actually help you be productive, and stay inspired.

A study undertaken by psychologists at the University of New South Wales revealed that being exposed to something funny while on the job can actually make you productive! The study further highlighted that although humour has been found to help relieve stress and facilitate social relationships, the traditional view of task performance implies that individuals must concentrate all their effort on their endeavours and should avoid things such as humour that may distract them from the accomplishment of task goals… humour is not only enjoyable but more importantly, energising.

So, before you consider logging into Facebook or searching the YouTube archives for your daily dose of fun, the team at Arise have compiled a selection of funny and inspirational quotes to help you get through your work from home motivation war!

Sit back, laugh aloud, and feel motivated.










Of course, there is a difference between ‘I need a humour break’ and ‘I spent almost the entire day reading funny quotes’. The rule of thumb? Everything in moderation. May the odds be ever in your favour.