6 secrets of successful working mums

The alarm rings in all its glory, its shrill noise marking the beginning of a new day. There is breakfast to be made for the family, and each one has their own likes and dislikes. The children need to be readied for school, meals need to be planned, office work needs to be tackled, that important client presentation needs to be aced. So many things to do and such a short day! How will all these things be managed? Who will be able to accomplish the impossible? But wait, there is a silhouette moving around that’s tackling all the chores with graceful ease! It’s a blur, it’s a shadow… it’s SUPER MUM! Whether it’s handling fussy kids or clients, she’s doing it all. But, how does she manage to be so efficient every single day? What’s the secret to success of working mums ?

The truth is every successful working mum follows a handful of habits which makes them super effective. So what are they?

She balances between early mornings and late nights

Efficient mums don’t do ridiculously early mornings and late nights. They know when they are most productive and, accordingly, they plan their day. They don’t necessarily have to like early mornings, but they get up with intention and purpose and start the day on a positive note.

Burning the candle at both the ends only leads to burnout. And super mums apply this analogy to all aspects of their lives.

She approaches her To-Do list with a twist

Mums have a To-Do list that is always longer than the number of hours in a day. Even super mums are pulled in several directions at the same time. So, how do they manage to stay on top of everything? By taking a step by step approach rather than approaching all tasks together and being overwhelmed.

Instead of listing all the tasks they need to accomplish and then wading their way through each task, they allot a time limit. This enables them to prioritise and accomplish targets which are urgent.

She is a productive procrastinator

If you thought super mums didn’t procrastinate, you couldn’t be more wrong. Even though they spend most of their moments conquering task after task, there are times when they just feel like putting down their cape and being normal for once. Some tasks really CAN wait until tomorrow.

And when such moments do arise, they use it to do something which makes them feel relaxed and energised. It could be meeting up with friends, indulging in self-care, or just reading their favourite book.

She is the mistress of multitasking

Multitasking is essential if mums want to be efficient throughout the day. And super mums have worked hard to master it. Completing projects while ensuring that their kids are being cared for? Preparing dinner while helping with homework? You name it, they’ve done it.

Practice has made them skilful at juggling tasks simultaneously so as to clear their schedule and help them stay positive.

She has learnt to say no

Becoming a super mum wasn’t an easy journey. At times they were guilty of overwhelming themselves by doing too much. Though it took time, they understood they could never be efficient if they constantly said ‘yes’ to each and every thing. They learnt when to say ‘yes’ and, most importantly, when to say ‘no’.

They have now learnt to put their foot down and say ‘no’ to things that don’t fit in with their schedule.

She doesn’t beat herself up for being a working mum

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a great one.”

Successful working mums know that no one can do it all, themselves included. They set realistic expectations and avoid pressurising themselves into do everything in a day. In fact, they realise that feeling guilty about things they couldn’t do robs them of their energy, time and positivity.

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