Back to Business: 6 New Mum Confidence Boosters

“For Women to Rise, We Must Close the Confidence Gap”, author Margie Warrell.

Research suggests that it takes new mothers four months to get their confidence back when they return to work after maternity leave. It’s perhaps understandable, as new parenthood can be all-consuming – between sleepless nights, nappy changing and post-natal blues. Statistics tells us that 6 in 10 mothers find readjusting to the workplace a challenging experience. So how can new mums build up their confidence levels?

Read on for five confidence-boosting ideas that you can start practicing today:

Transfer your confidence

There are some areas in our lives where we feel more confident than others. For instance: few mothers consider work as their confidence comfort zone. Others feel in-charge running the show at home. So how about applying the confidence you have in your comfort zone to your less-confident zone? When you plan on returning to work, try to apply the confidence you exhibit in your non-professional pursuits to your career life. Wondering how? Work on recollecting that ‘in-charge’ feeling when you start taking care of business. Notice your posture, body language and the tone of your voice.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Sometimes we know the answer and yet we hesitate, as we want to be totally sure. But don’t always hold back until you’re perfectly ready. In order to become more confident, you have to stop thinking so much and just act! The best way to build confidence is to step right into the middle of it – despite the chorus of doubts urging you to play safe. Bring on a day with a daily dose of bravery to give yourself permission to experiment, to learn, to try and sometimes to fail. But, ultimately, surprise yourself by what you can achieve.

Mind your words

Paying attention to the words you use can be a powerful signal of your confidence level. Present your ideas in a way that is not apologetic or timid. Embrace disagreement, don’t fear it. Sometimes a healthy exchange of differing opinions and ideas is the best way to reach a good outcome. Learning to pay attention to language and how we use it is a leadership practice worth developing.

Visualise a successful outcome

Imagining what success looks like for you in the situation you are faced with, takes goal-setting an important step farther. For instance, if you’re entering an interview, visualise that you’ve already received a call from the hiring manager to welcome you to the team and offer you that opportunity. This is a very powerful technique that you can apply whenever you encounter situations that challenge your sense of confidence.

So focus on your strengths, roll up your sleeves and apply for any work opportunity that you find interesting. And lastly, visualise yourself winning that opportunity! Arise has been inspirational in developing many small businesses for people in the UK. Read our success stories here and find out how to start your own company with us.