Feeling the blues? 5 simple DIY ideas to reinvent your home office!

Do you ever come across images of exotic office on Pinterest and wish that your desk was located in one of them? Does your work space make you feel more blue than bright? If the answer is yes, then may be its time to reinvent your home office space and make it more inviting – something you would love to wake up to, every day.

Your workstation – especially if you are a work from home professional, plays a key role in your output levels, particularly when you have the temptation of multiple distractions around the house. Also, since your workspace is a part of your home, it can be even more difficult to visualise being anywhere else.

Consider these 5 simple DIY tips to make your work space more comfortable, attractive and motivating.

Set your zone

If you are using the kitchen table or the sofa to do your work on a daily basis, you are likely to feel demotivated from time to time. Designate a specific room or section of a room as your home office, and arrange it just like you would in a traditional office. If needed, colour the walls and use a separate set of upholstery for that area so it reminds you of a place detached from the rest of the house.

Organise and upgrade

On a deeper psychological level, our brain reads organised things better. It helps you think clearer and be more focused. Organise files, folders and stationeries in separate boxes and cubbies; recycle old mason jars and tin cans to create your own organisers and colour code them if needed.  Decorate your bulletin board with printed art works or coloured paper cut-outs. This will make your otherwise dull workspace, come alive!

Upgrade your filing process by going digital; use less paper and save your documents, contacts and calendars on an electronic device. It not only creates less clutter but also saves the trouble of organising a lot of paper-work.

Go green

Plants not only add greenery to your ambience but also add depth and health benefits. If you want to keep your home office space simple and clutter free, yet attractive, add some small potted plants like bamboo, cactii or tiny air-plants which require minimum maintenance. It will help to bring a bit of the outdoors inside every day.

Light it up

Just like greenery, lights have a profound impact on our moods and thus our performance. Ensure your home office space gets ample natural light. Set up your desk in front of (or at least near) a window. The sparkling sunlight and fresh breeze can soothe your eyes and relax you whenever you are stressed with work. Also, keeping a small, arty table-lamp on your desk can add a little warmth and lighten up your day.

Inspire yourself

Inspirational messages always keep us going, through hard work and tough days. If you have a white board, write some messages for yourself so, every time you look at them, you feel inspired. Alternatively, print inspirational quotes from famous people and put them in frames on your bulletin board. These not only help you stay positive but also function as unique décor elements.

Work can be made fun if your ambience is positive and refreshing. With these simple ways to reinvent your home office, you can look forward to being at work every day and keep going.