10 Lessons to learn as entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are known to enjoy the glamour and benefits that entrepreneurship brings- better money, more control over decision making and direction, working with people who follow you, admire you and want to walk on your path. But no road to success is complete without its bumps and speed-breakers. Such is the journey of entrepreneurship. Every turn on this uncharted path will teach you something new that will help you and your business keep growing and going on.

Here are some of the key lessons you may learn as an entrepreneur:

Your comfort zone is alien to you

As you embark on your journey of entrepreneurship, you will soon realise that you have redefined what constitutes your ‘comfort zone’. A way of working that seems ‘discomforting’ to others will become part and parcel of your working life but you will happily embrace it and carve your way out of it as you drive your business forward

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

Innovation is all about disrupting the existing and reconstructing it. You will learn that in order to adopt the most constructive approach to fulfil your bigger goals, you will have to make some tough decisions and potentially ruffle a few feathers along the way.

People before you

As as entrepreneur, your priority will shift from ‘me’ to ‘my people’; people who are a part of your journey and have committed themselves to helping you achieve your vision. These people – your family, your employees, partners, acquaintances, stake holders and similar others – will become your reason to carry on as you push yourself to achieve and keep their spirits high.

Mentor/s are your biggest support

You might have been a self-taught individual all your life, learning as you went along and independently struggling to reach where you are today. But, as an entrepreneur , you will inevitably need a mentor; someone you can always turn to for advice, someone who will always give you honest opinions irrespective of your success and growth. You will learn in the process that your mentor is your true friend, philosopher and guide.

Humility is the strongest virtue to have

Entrepreneurship can be daunting. And things can get tough at times. As you keep walking towards your goals and face challenges on the way, humility will become a familiar trait as you learn to take a few steps back, accept your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. This is a virtue you will hold onto for life, whether you remain an entrepreneur or not.

Letting go is not as difficult as it sounds

On a deep philosophical level, learning to let go is an exceptional quality to have. But being humans with material needs, it becomes difficult for us to let go of things easily- whether it is a bad incident, our failures, our relationships or momentary achievements. For entrepreneurs, it is highly essential to let go of the negative distractions and focus only on your ultimate goal. And as you grow as an enterprising leader, you will learn to let go of things that do not matter in the long run.

Mistakes are a great learning experience

Like practice, mistakes can also make a human perfect, because imperfections are a natural human trait and help us grow as individuals. Being an entrepreneur is no different. As you constantly create, disrupt and recreate, you are bound to make mistakes – some of them might be irreparable but you will only learn from those failures, because such experiences only help us grow.

Introspection is your real ‘me’ time

Entrepreneurs realise the real importance of ‘introspection’. Your ‘personal’ time or ‘me’ time will not be the same as it used to be when you were simply doing your 9-5 job. Whenever you find yourself enjoying your own company, you will introspect more into your actions, reflect on your decisions and re-evaluate your approaches towards reaching your higher objective.

Acceptance is liberating

Acceptance and adaptability are the key elements of survival. Successful are those who can adapt, accept and embrace changes or life situations with open arms. Entrepreneurship teaches you to become flexible and adapt to any given situation – business losses, faulty products, wrong timings, attrition of your employees, frustrated family members, neglected friends, or a sudden surge in your finances. However, acceptance does not translate to succumbing to a situation; rather, it is about learning to handle a given situation using your knowledge and wisdom and knowing which battles you can win and which ones you can’t.

Commitment is your natural instinct

Even before you know it, you, as a visionary, would have committed yourself to your entrepreneurial dream. Commitment will become an integral part of your traits and will become natural to you. No matter what you do, you will commit 100% to make it possible.

Entrepreneurship is not just about doing business and ensuring profits. It is about doing it right for the people you serve by shaping their lives and your own, through your business. The lessons that entrepreneurs will learn are lessons learnt for life. And that’s what makes you different from the rest of the population.

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