Why work at home professionals need to have a back-up childcare plan

For many working parents, the option to work from home can be a boon – achieving a proper work-life balance and being able to spend maximum time with their children outside of work commitments. As discussed in some of our earlier blogs, work at home professionals need to have childcare arrangements in place if they want to focus on their work, as  juggling work and taking care of your child can prove difficult at the best of times.

The need for back-up childcare

The most stressful thing about emergencies is that they come unannounced. For all the planning in the world, it’s inevitable that there will be times when your regular childcare arrangements won’t be available – your babysitter may be unwell, your child may come down with flu or your day care centre is closed. Such eventualities are endless.

In the event of these situations arising, the struggle to find a last-minute carer can be very stressful and deadlines and important client meetings wait for none. Therefore, having a back-up childcare plan gives you the necessary peace of mind if something does come up.

Planning for a back-up

It’s better to ask about back-up care when you do your initial childcare search. If you have an in-house nanny, ask her for options when she is unwell or unavailable. Chances are, such nannies may already have a back-up carer in place to step in during such times. If that’s the case, schedule a meeting with the back-up carer at least a couple of times in advance. This will ease your discomfort of leaving your beloved bundle in the care of a total stranger.

If your child carer is from a local network, introduce yourself to the network coordinator. So, when you are faced with an emergency and need care at short notice, the coordinator will be able to make a recommendation.

You could also ask your friends or family members to share contact details of their nanny or ask them to pitch in to care for your child for the time being. You could also try shared care with another family in your neighbourhood – they take in your child when your nanny is sick and you do the same for them.

Flexible working with Arise

All things said and done, you cannot be prepared for every situation. There will be days when you are caught with a child care emergency and you have no one to rely on but yourself. If you are a working parent who is still stuck in the 9-5 grind, taking time off from work is dependent on multiple factors – particularly your company’s HR policies. Have you considered being a home-based entrepreneur?

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