Mumpreneurs- Dispelling the myths

She is the 21st century woman – educated, intelligent, and a multi-tasker. She is the boss of her home and of her profession. She is a mother and a business woman. She is a Mumpreneur – the new generation of entrepreneurs who are taking the country by storm.

However, with every new trend comes an element of misunderstanding – this newly discovered approach to business and home management suffers a few misconceptions that need to be quashed.

Myth: You can either be a full-time mother or a full-time entrepreneur

Fact: There’s no hard and fast rule that says you can only be one thing at a time. And women are known to be great multi-taskers. Being a mother to your child, or a mother to your new-found business venture, are more or less the same thing. It can be daunting from time to time, meeting the demands of both, one needing more of you than the other; but if you do it right, you can be a successful businesswoman as well as a caring mother. Surprisingly, a lot of successful mumpreneurs in the UK, like Cathy Hawyward of Magenta, Larah Davis of Ibiza Retreats, Kirsty Henshaw of Kirsty’s, started their ventures after their children were born and found inspiration from motherhood.

Myth: You will question your decisions from time to time

Fact: Being a mumpreneur gives you a strong sense of purpose – the purpose to do something remarkable and make a difference in people’s lives while you make a difference to the lives of your children. Just like a child gives birth to a ‘mother, a new business venture gives birth to an entrepreneur, an opportunity to do what you love and something you are passionate about. It could be one of the most positive decisions of your life.

Myth: You can never commit to being truly professional

Fact: On the contrary, being a mumpreneur will teach you how to handle extreme situations and deal with the most difficult people. If you can handle a fussy toddler and decipher how to get them to eat, do homework and go to bed on time, then you can easily handle tight deadlines, panicky clients and relentless customers. Leading Mumpreneurs like Julie Waddell, Melanie Lawson and Jane Michell, all took up the challenge of fulfilling their entrepreneurial dream, while successfully attending to their parental duties, and turned their ventures into million-pound businesses.

Myth: You will always have to make sacrifices

Fact: If you find that you need to sacrifice bedtime stories for social media updates for your business, then maybe you can find a way to do both at the same time. You can schedule your posts in advance so they go live during your child’s story time or you could hire an intern to assist with the basic tasks for your business; this will help give you a little breathing space and allow you to spend more time with your child.

Myth:  You will miss out on the responsibilities of a full-time mum

Fact: Entrepreneurial mothers need to be more responsible, since they must take care of their business and their home, equally. To add to it, entrepreneurship has its own lessons that one can use in their personal lives to make a difference and be successful on both fronts. Being a mumpreneur helps you teach your children the importance of hard work, patience and sacrifices that come with success. You become an inspiration for your children and at the same time your children become an inspiration for you to help you keep pushing to give your best. Successful mumpreneurs today raise their children and their businesses and shape them into entities that everyone can be proud of.

And that’s all it takes….

Parenting and starting your own business are the two of the most challenging tasks in life, yet ultimately rewarding. Both require commitment, extreme patience, perseverance, persistence and undying passion. Most people choose to do one or the other, but Mumpreneurs chose to do both; not only are they willingly doing it, but doing it efficiently and busting all the myths. If you are considering starting your own venture, while being a successful mum, you might want to get in touch with Arise – where we provide a virtual platform to connect stay-at-home moms to large companies and help you achieve your career goals.