How to use online tools efficiently for your home office

As a work-from-home professional, you end up managing everything single-handedly- monitoring projects, tracking job statuses, reporting and so on. The digital revolution has provided us with ample tools and applications to assist us in our daily work. However, these tools are constantly being upgraded and new tools are regularly developed to make work easier than ever before.

At Arise, we understand the needs of the new generation of work-at-home professionals, and recommended these 10 online tools to ensure all your work is at your fingertips. Most of these tools are cloud based, easy to operate and, if implemented for the right purpose, can be of great use in your home office.

Trello- If you are a Project Manager or supervising multiple projects at the same time, Trello can be a great tool for you. Trello allows you to create boards with individual cards with details for each task. You can also integrate all the apps that your team members use directly into your ‘workflow’. With the Power-Up feature, you can also convert the ‘boards’ into relevant apps and integrate all of them within your workflow. For example, if you have a board for ‘To-Do List’, the’Power-Up’ feature can help you convert it into a an Evernote file which you can save within your Trello account or access it from Evernote app .

Evernote- We all make task lists – on sticky notes, in our notebook, on our phones or simply using the ‘notes’ widget on our desktop. A smarter way, however, would be to use Evernote – a tool that not only allows you to create task lists virtually, but also add images and other media files which you can share with all your contacts. Because it is accessible from any device, Evernote stays with you wherever you go. With its smart search tools, you will never lose your to-do list again.

Basecamp– From mails to file sharing, conversations with team members and minute by minute updates, Basecamp is a one-stop tool for all your project needs. You can choose who sees your messages and files and create to-do list within each project folder.

Toggl- Worried about how to manage time? Or still wondering where the first few hours of the day went? There’s a tool to lessen that worry. Toggl is the latest and smartest way to keep track of your time and assess your productivity. With only a click, Toggl enables you to check where and how you are spending time on various projects and generates reports which you can share with your clients and seniors to increase transparency and client satisfaction.

Wunderlist- Yet another listing tool, made for your daily tasks and assignments. If you need reminders for your task deadlines and help prioritising your work as per those deadlines, Wunderlist is the app for you. You can also share your to-do list with your team and work simultaneously with your colleagues with the Pro version of the tool and make teamwork easier than ever.

Slack- Slack is a popular collaboration tool for professionals working remotely. Optimised for all devices, you can receive notifications on your desktop, mobile or on-the-go so you are never out of touch with your team. It allows for individual chatting with a single person and for group discussions, allowing everyone to stay in the loop.

Skype– Need an instant response to your email? Have you been waiting for hours to get approval on your presentation? Try smart messaging apps like Skype instead of regular email programs. With Skype, not only are you constantly connected to your colleagues and team members, but you can also share large attachments which cannot be sent by email. Skype For Business, is a smarter and faster way to communicate and increase your efficiency.

Bidsketch- As a work-from-home professional, there can be times when you need to come up with a project proposal and doing it without any assistance can be challenging. So we recommend Bidsketch – a proposal making software that allows you to easily and quickly create proposals. The ready-made templates help you save your time and productive hours with pre-set information, so you can focus more on planning and other operations.

Google Docs– It might be overrated, but nothing can beat the ease of use and access that Google Docs provides. Being completely cloud-based and linked to all Google products in one click, Google tools are great for professionals working remotely. Google Docs gives you a comprehensive dashboard with word-pad, spreadsheet and presentation slides, allowing multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, thus enabling virtual teamwork, anytime, anywhere.

Google Drive– If you have to access heavy data files without downloading them and need them on-the-go, its time you switch to Google Drive. With more than 25 GB storage for a free account and about 1 TB of storage for the premium version, you will never be too far away from your media files again.