6 easy and healthy breakfast ideas: eat healthy, work better

The clock strikes 6am. The alarm goes off. You have three hours to finish your chores and start work; feed the baby, finish your morning workout, take the dog for a walk, pack lunch for your school-goer. But, before you know it, the first email of the day starts knocking on your inbox or the first call buzzing on your phone. You somehow manage to nibble on a granola bar or a few crackers while running around and that is all you give yourself in the name of “breakfast”.

Breakfast is renowned as the most important meal of the day and one must eat like a king (or a queen) to be able to drive your busy daily routine. It not only helps jump-start your brain in the morning but also keeps you satiated for the next few hours so you can focus better on work and not get distracted by hunger. It prevents you from over-eating, in-between snacking and binging later in the day.

But all breakfasts are not made equal. One needs to start their day with a hearty and healthy breakfast to be able to tackle a hectic schedule.


Explore these 6 quick and easy breakfast recipes to get your day started:


Breakfast cereals with fruits and yoghurt

Cereals like wheat flakes, oats, bran and mixed grains are packed full of fibres that give you a much-needed energy boost in the morning. Mix a cup of yoghurt with a bowlful of cereal, add chopped apples/bananas/berries, or any fruit that you would pack for your child, and your breakfast version of a parfait is ready.


Fruits and cheese

Fruits are best eaten in the morning, as nutritionists suggest. So, making it a point to eat at least one fruit, such as an apple, banana or pear, in the morning, will keep you healthy and active. You could also add a few cubes of cheese with your fruit. Unprocessed cheeses have good calories and are full of calcium. Such food for breakfast is quick, does not involve any cooking or prepping and brings a refreshing change to your taste buds.


Cucumber & tomato sandwich with cream cheese or ricotta

Sandwiches are one of the easiest go-to meals, and something that you can make for everyone, so you don’t have to prepare anything separately for yourself. Fresh veggies like cucumber and tomatoes with a spread of cream cheese, a pinch of salt and pepper, tucked between slices of multigrain or rye-bread can be a great breakfast. Opt for ricotta cheese if you are a little more conscious of the calorie intake. Rich in calcium, ricotta is a great add-on to any dish.


Scrambled eggs with veggies

Eggs – quick, easy, tasty and almost everyone loves them. Make a substantial portion of scrambled eggs with a lot of veggies like avocado, zucchini/courgette, bell peppers, spring onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and anything that you have in your fridge to make a great family breakfast dish. Add some cheese for the children, if you want to avoid the calories for yourself. Scrambled eggs are one of the fastest and easiest egg recipes. You can also keep the veggies chopped and stored in advance, so you can reduce the prep time.


Apples, banana and ricotta sandwich

Apples and bananas are staple fruits that most households have, at any given point in time.

For a change of taste, add sliced apples and/bananas to toasted bread slices with a generous spread

of ricotta cheese and honey and welcome your mornings to a delicious sandwich.


Bean salad with eggs

Beans are a great source of protein, iron and vitamin B and raw food helps retain nutrients in your body. You can soak beans overnight or for a couple of days in advance, so they sprout nicely ready to be added to a sumptuous morning meal with boiled eggs, spring onions, salt, pepper and lime juice- simple, nutritious and doesn’t even involve any cooking, thus saving your early hours.

Mornings can and will be crazy, but you can always manage to save some of your morning hours with these simple breakfast ideas and keep your health quotient high to get through the long days full of vigour.