How to manage your education while you work from home

Irrespective of whether you’re a student looking to cover education costs, or a stay at home parent interested in pursuing further studies, combining work and study is a crucial decision that will have a strong bearing on your future.

With nearly 80% of students now working part-time to help fund their education, and work from home business opportunities on the rise, it’s important to maintain a balance between studies and work. Here’s looking at a few ways to help you stay on top of both – your studies and independent business.

Plan ahead

There’s nothing more important than creating a proper plan and schedule for yourself to best juggle your studies and work. Time management is everything. Set aside time for your daily tasks, studies and work, and stick to it.
Make the most of your planner or Google Calendar to help you keep track of everything. Fill in all your appointments – work hours, class timings, deadlines, and other such obligations.

Be Productive in your free time

Having a proper schedule allows you to keep track of your free hours as well. Be sure to make use of your time constructively, as this will help you balance your home business and studies effectively. Whether it’s catching up on your newsletters, sending out important mails, or doing chores around the house.

Make time for your family

When filling in your planner, remember to include some time for your family and friends. They form your core support group who will keep you firing on all cylinders.
Also, remember to take out time from your studies or work from home business to spend with your loved ones. Further, when exams or deadlines are knocking on the door, you can always seek help from your family to assist you with chores or errands.

Be flexible
While the key to juggling studies, work and chores is to plan ahead, you cannot account for everything. Ensure that you have a flexible schedule which allows you to work around it in case of an emergency – be it academic, professional, or familial.

As a student who works from home, you must be ready to adapt your schedule depending on the situation. Make enough time to deal with unexpected errands, sudden workload and last-minute assignments.

Maintain a goal plan

The best way to stay focused is to maintain a list of things to do, academic or otherwise. Set yourself small goals for each day, week or month depending on what suits you best. These goals and objectives should include tasks related to your studies, household chores and your home business.
In addition to helping you stay on point with everything, it will fill give you a sense of accomplishment as you go about ticking things off the list, in turn keeping you motivated to perform better.


To be a home entrepreneur while pursuing your studies takes a great deal of mettle, dedication and commitment. But in the process, you will eventually pick up some important life skills, such as the ability to prioritise, multitask, and manage your time well.