How to turn your desk into a work from home office

Working from home offers several advantages – from flexible hours to time and money saved by eliminating the need to commute. However, to be successful and effective in a home environment, you need to create an office space that promotes productivity in a non-traditional work set up. So, consider making a list of all your critical home office needs, choose a dedicated area to set up your desk, and invest in the right equipment.

The following tips can come in handy to help you turn that desk at home into a dedicated workspace for yourself.

1. Ergonomic and aesthetic design

Being a home-based entrepreneur provides you with the luxury of outfitting your desk with accessories and equipment that is plush, comfortable and attractive. If you’re going to be sitting at your desk for hours on end, consider even the smallest ergonomic aspect of your office set up.

The furniture should allow you to maintain a proper posture, and not result in any body aches, joint pains or any discomfort. To help you stay positive and motivated, feel free to decorate your space with trinkets, show pieces or photographs of your family.

2. Declutter and organise

The key to staying organised is making sure your work area has plenty of labelled storage areas. This will help you sort and keep track of important documents, plans, junk mail and receipts. Reduce the clutter on your desk by keeping everything in its designated storage space.

Whether it’s to hold important files and binders you use on a regular basis, or store office supplies, reduce the clutter on your desk by hanging baskets and holders on your walls to keep your desk clutter-free. A clean and organised work desk makes for a productive work home office.

3. Designated space for PC, printer and other equipment

Maintain a fixed place to keep and use your laptop/desktop or any other accessories you might use. See to it that the cables run along the edges of your table to prevent things from falling, getting messy and entangled.

Remember to allocate and set up your printer or scanner along or under your desk, complete with space for spare cartridges and extra sheaves of paper. Additionally, if you use any other kind of equipment regularly, (art supplies or hardware perhaps), attach appropriate holders to your desk to store them, rather than having the equipment sprawled across your desk.

4. Pick the right spot

One cannot stress enough the importance of using the right place in your house to convert into your work from home office desk. You need a space which has proper ventilation, good lighting (natural or artificial), and possibly a good view. Needless to say, it should also be a quiet location, to prevent you from getting distracted or disturbed and robbing you of your productivity.

It is recommended to take regular breaks from your work and look at something else to reduce the strain on your eyes. A good view outside your window, some fresh air, or a piece of art you admire in your immediate surroundings, will help reduce stress and refresh your mind.


An organised, well stocked and aesthetically pleasant workspace will help you be more productive, efficient and motivated. After all, productivity, efficiency and motivation are key to building a successful independent business owner.