How I came to work from home for Arise – the ‘Silver Surfer’!

How I came to work for Arise – the ‘Silver Surfer’!I retired at sixty, after 31 years of running the telecoms department in my local NHS hospital. A departmental restructuring caused me to retire before I had actually intended, due to the fact that the new hours were totally unsuitable as it included working night shifts.


During the first 2 years of my retirement I looked after my little grandson 3 days a week until he went to nursery. The days were long and quiet after that so I started to look for part time work but found nothing suitable. As time wore on I felt I had to find something soon to alleviate the long days and stop me from turning into a couch potato. My husband, friends, and family all worked during the day so it was difficult filling the long days.


I saw an advert for home workers in our local job centre pages on line, but I was very sceptical about it as any previous home working jobs I had checked out were not what they purported to be.


I obtained details from the job centre, called the number I was given, which was for an IBO, who were recruiting for workers to join their team servicing clients for Arise. I learned about Arise from the IBO, and within weeks I had joined them and commenced certification.


I could not believe my luck in finding a job that I could do from home, as well as there being an added bonus of being able to select hours when it suited me. I have been partnered with Arise for over 4 years now and it suits my home environment and family very well.


I now have extra money to spend on treating my family, which is one of my favourite pastimes and gives me great satisfaction. That is something that stopped for a while when I first retired, as I was concerned about finance, due to now being on a pension. I now no longer have all that spare time on my hands, wondering how I would pass the day until my family returned from work.


I would recommend an Arise work from home opportunity to anyone, as the benefits are great due to the flexibility of hours, and the variety of clients to choose from, although I myself have chosen to stay with the same client from day one. I feel quite smug that I don’t have to confront the weather elements commuting to work, and also, the amount of money I have saved in not having to pay transport costs is an added bonus.


Homeworking is ideal for my situation and I thank Arise for being there when I needed a diversion in my life, long may it last.