Reasons why work from home is the future

The internet is doing for the modern workplace what the personal computer did for the way we work. The rate at which people are opting to work from home is growing at an incredible pace. Uninterrupted communications and portable technology are shaping the future of workplace environments. This begs the question, what is it about working remotely that makes it the next big thing. Here’s looking at a few key reasons:

Reduces commuting time

A major advantage of being able to work from a home office is that it considerably reduces your commute time. You can use these extra hours to get more work done, thereby increasing your productivity. Not to forget, you save on travel cost as well.

Negligible infrastructure cost

Home-based entrepreneurs are spared the trouble of dealing with ever-increasing office space costs. By setting up a workspace at home, you need to bear minimal real estate costs of maintaining an office. All it takes is a small investment to convert a corner in your home into a productive workspace, complete with necessary office supplies. If you look at it, with reduced overhead costs, you are in a better position to offer your services at more competitive rates, which can prove to be a huge advantage in today’s cut-throat market.

Flexible work timings

The biggest benefit of being an independent home business owner is that you can set your own work hours. You can easily take the time to complete your household chores and pursue your hobbies while still managing to accomplish your work goals. It is especially a great way for stay-at-home-mums and dads or retired seniors to retain their financial independence.

Easier to concentrate

Away from the din of regular office crowds, you’re likely to be able to concentrate more on your work. No need to worry about having colleagues or friends stopping by your cubicle and keeping you from being productive. Working from home allows you the luxury of taking regular breaks, so you can refresh your mind when you’re feeling low on energy. Not to forget, you can always take that short afternoon nap before resuming work. After all, research suggests it helps boost productivity!

Software that makes everything easier

One of the biggest perks of the digital revolution is that there is a plethora of enterprise tools and communication applications at your disposal, such as Slack, Trello, Skype, Viber, amongst many others. They’ve made it amazingly easy and efficient to communicate with clients half-way across the world from the comforts of your home office.


Digital transformation is revolutionising the way we do things. No surprise then that it is making a huge impact on work cultures everywhere. With technology at our behest, the perks of being able to work remotely are compounding. It’s changing how we work and where we work from and leading work culture in a bold new direction – towards the future.