5 Truths about working from home no one will tell you

The work from home culture has really started to catch on in recent years. And with good reason too, considering the numerous perks it offers to aspiring small business owners. However, despite all its advantages, people may sometimes be apprehensive about working remotely and be reluctant to take the plunge. In a bid to dispel the myths about working from home, here’s looking at some aspects of it that nobody really tells you:

1. Do what you love

The most important advantage of being a home business owner is that it allows you to earn while you do something you love. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to pursue one’s passion and making money while at it. In fact, you’re more likely to succeed doing something you love. Whether it’s a hobby or a talent, if you love doing it, you’re never going to tire of doing it. If anything, it will inspire you to work harder at it in order to succeed.

2. Be your own boss

For starters, being your own boss means you get to set the dress code, the office hours, and the office policies. Wear what you feel most comfortable and productive in. Set your hours as per your convenience. As a home-based entrepreneur, you get to decide how much work you take on. The flexibility that such a set-up provides is one of the biggest perks. You’re only answerable to yourself and don’t need to fret those slow hours. When you’re not feeling up to the task or feeling unwell, you can take a break without any hassle.

3. No separation anxiety

Work from home is a boon for people who need to take care of their family. Flexible work hours allow you to put the needs of your family first, whether that’s taking care of the kids or taking your parents to the doctors for a check-up. Not only that, you get to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, you’re no longer just a stay-at-home parent. Seeing you balance work and family, your kids will get inspired by you. And when you’re feeling the burn, they’ll be around to recharge your batteries.

4. Productive best

For starters, working from a home-office means saving precious hours that you would otherwise spend on commuting; hours you can utilise to get more work done. You can use that time to take care of house-hold chores or simply squeeze in some important calls or emails that need to be ticked off your to-do list. Being at home also empowers you to choose and set up your work environment such that you’re at your productive best. And if you ever get tired of working in the same environment, you can always move to the other room or your patio and seek inspiration elsewhere.

5. Lots to learn

As a home business owner, each day presents you with a fresh set of opportunities to learn something. Between juggling work and chores, you’ll pick up key skills like time management, organisational skills, and multitasking. Learning as you work, there’s a lot you’ll get to experience as a small business owner, especially business management.


With the world going digital, working from home has never been easier. It’s primarily because of this that more people have taken to developing professionally from the comforts of their home. The truth is there are several perks that such a set up offers and it’s no surprise that the trend of working remotely has been picking up pace.  With more and more people embracing it around the globe, the momentum will only continue to grow in the times to come.