Working From Home Case Study – Martin Catchpole

Working From Home Case Study - Martin Catchpole In 2008 I found myself facing redundancy for the first time in my career.  Having been a workaholic up until this point it was a complete shock. Once I had recovered from this shock I started to look at the job market to see what was available for me. I had looked at homeshoring off and on for many years as the inkling of redundancy had been rumoured.  Although initially sceptical, I decided to take a look at the new opportunity available from Arise that was heading to the UK after its success in the US.

Over the years at my previous role as a contact centre manager I had worked alongside some smaller homeshoring companies.  Technology was advancing and I realised that this particular market was growing and had a huge amount of potential to change people’s lives, creating a better standard of living and enjoyment of life.  The minute I chose to partner with Arise, I knew that life would never be the same again and I am pleased to say that I am still enjoying the experience nearly 6 years later!

When I consider the savings I have made from working from home I am astounded.  I have accrued on average per week savings of 4.5hrs of travelling to and from work.  That’s nearly half a day in commuting alone!  Wear and tear on the car has been reduced significantly.  I have reduced my annual mileage from 18,000 miles per year to just 900 miles per annum. The reduction in mileage has also reduced my insurance premium.  The cost of fuel has risen significantly over the years and now I can enjoy those savings too. When you factor in all of these savings, you can see that the potential income from working from home rises quite significantly.

However, the best thing about working from home is the freedom that it gives.  Having the time to see the children have all their ‘firsts’ is a blessing.  Being able to do the school run and spend time with them adds a quality of life that is priceless.  Were Arise around 20 years ago I’d not have missed out on this quality time with my own children and I cannot get that time back.  It makes me more driven to share this type of work with anyone who wants a better work/life balance.

Arise offer a stable and flexible working platform with which to work on.  After a small certification course, agents are able to log on from home and work the hours that they CHOOSE to work!  There are many clients to choose from ensuring all capabilities are catered for. With such a range of opportunities available, I feel it is my duty to recognise Arise with this testimonial and say thank you for all of their support.

I now have my own Independent Business (IB) and have thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside Arise, building a partnership that has continued to flourish.  Our IB won the IB of the Year award for the UK in 2012 and our agents continue to make us proud on a daily basis.  They have won many awards, which we internally and publicly recognise on their behalf.  Recognition is important within any business model and I am pleased to report that Arise have implemented this successfully, providing a pride in your work that can be treasured.

If I was to offer advice to anyone considering partnering with Arise, I would say just go for it.  If you procrastinate for months then you will lose precious time where you could be certified and earning as soon as possible.  I have only touched upon the benefits of this type of work but there are so many more.  Homeworking has received a mixed press over the last 30 years with ‘scam’ and ‘con’ now being at the forefront of peoples mind, an unfair association.  However, the naysayers did not have Arise in mind when they made such criticisms; with this model it is simply hard working people being given an opportunity to earn for their input.  The main differences are that they decide when they work and with whom.

I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with Arise and their expansion plans for the future. I see homeworking as the future and the acceptance of this type of work is beginning to grow.  I can provide service to multiple clients from the same location across different intervals and once I have worked my hours I have no travelling to do to get home.  It’s priceless, truly priceless and I would urge anyone interested to get onto a no obligation Information Session advertised on the website and check it out.  You too could change your life if you make some changes today!

Martin Catchpole services with Arise via his own Independent Business, Call Catcherz Ltd.