My Independent Business Opportunity with Arise UK and overcoming Disability

For several years I had been contemplating my employment and ability to earn, I was becoming increasingly frustrated about having Depression, Arthritis, breathing issues resultant from 3 Pulmonary Embolisms and one arterial blood clot in my ankle, which had resulted in near amputation.

My reliability was poor, my standards and principles were compromised daily and the guilt was at times insurmountable. Not the best CV and I was certain that there would not be glowing references following me around in respect of attendance at work and reliability. I clung on desperately to the stereotypical 9am -5pm job, knowing that my knowledge and skills base were exemplary and could not be faulted.

Simultaneously I was striving to support my 2 young children as a single mother with no extended family nearby who could offer support and child care costs were becoming unsustainable.

One Friday morning sitting at my desk with leg, back and wrist pain, difficulty breathing and a pile of work I needed to complete, I made what seemed to be an impulsive decision, to resign from work and  be at  home  with my children. I called, made an appointment with the senior manager and he had my resignation that day, I daresay he celebrated with a nice Malt Whisky that evening.

12 months on I have sold my home and have a tenancy, I spent 6 months on Jobseekers Allowance and during my first visit to be interviewed at the Benefits Office I found a flier with details of a Work From Home series of meetings being held by the Highlands & Islands Enterprise, I duly attended to elicit some more information and in the meantime completed Arise UKs online certification courses.

I am now certified to use Arise UKs simple, yet superior systems to book hours and service an Arise client. I have been provided with immense support from Arise UK staff members with particular mention of Dickon Moon, Director of Sourcing EMEA, who has been inspirational throughout the process of developing my own business, to meet the high quality standards expected of Arise UK and their clients.

I now work from my own home, I am available to my children, I choose hours to suit my life circumstances and fit around any medical appointments. I am able fortunately to have a medication plan which supports me with my illnesses and allows me to maintain a positive and constructive lifestyle whilst managing emotional and physical disabilities which otherwise limited my ability to work. My independence, self esteem and confidence have improved immensely and far from being isolated I have developed a whole new network of friends, colleagues and associates.

My journey to date has been a typical rollercoaster one, but rather than dread the dips life brings us I now treasure the exhilaration of hitting the peaks and anticipation of meeting the challenges head on.

Arise UK has been life changing and a Godsend for me, I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone who feels physically or emotionally limited/disabled to consider accessing this form of working to improve your  whole outlook on life and gain some independence through using your ability.

Mairi MacLeod