Ideas for a 2018 family holiday on a budget

Whether you’re a C-Suite executive or work from home parent, everybody needs a break to enjoy some quality time with the family. Of course, the perfect holiday takes meticulous planning. The starting point is always the total budget that you have at your disposal, and then, ensuring that you pick a destination that has something exciting to offer for everyone in the family.
So, to help you plan for both, here’s a list of both national and international destinations you should consider for that budget family vacation you’ve been planning to go on:

1. English Riviera, Torquay, Babbacombe Bay

From sandy beaches to the impressive miniature village, the English Riviera makes for an ideal seaside holiday. The region boasts of some breath-taking views and plenty of attractions for families. The stunning gardens and the amazing light show at night deserve a special mention.

2. Pembrokeshire

Dotted with historical hotspots, Pembrokeshire is a great place to visit for some quality family time. It has a little bit of everything – sandy beaches, a gorgeous coastline, and even a few castles. The Oakwood theme park is a popular destination to have fun with the kids.

You can also visit the Manor House Wildlife Park or the Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo if you’re an animal lover. The Pembroke Castle, with its jaw-dropping views, on the banks of the river Cleddau, is a must visit.

3. Hunstanton and West Norfolk

If it’s a pleasant countryside holiday you’re keen on, it doesn’t get any better than West Norfolk. The Hunstanton resort remains a popular resort to stay in. King’s Lynn is another pocket-friendly option.

The region draws vacationing families every year owing to its scenic beauty. With numerous historic landmarks and buildings around, soak in all that rich British tradition and culture.

If you’re keen on some international travel, these vacation hotspots make for wonderful destinations.


1. Istanbul

This quintessential holiday destination has something for everyone – shoppers, foodies, and culture enthusiasts! This city is a perfect blend of the old and new, and therefore, offers both rustic and sophisticated experiences for tourists to immerse in.

Replete with references to numerous centuries-old empires, it is an architecture and history buff’s paradise. Egyptian obelisks, the Roman Hippodrome, and the iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia all adorn the skyline. There are mosques, churches, and palaces abound for a culturally enriching vacation.


If you fancy a Viking vacation, Denmark is the place for you. The bright and colorful houses by the marina, with boats docked about, is quite a sight to phathom. The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a must visit for some quality time with the loved ones.

If you can, do visit Legoland in Billund. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the visit. On the way, you can even stop by Roskilde Viking Ship Museum for a history lesson. Lalandia, near Legoland, is also a fun place to be. Their indoor water park, wall climbing area, ice skating rink, and crystal mine make for a memorable trip, especially for children.

3. Iceland

Iceland is a great choice, especially for those who love to go on road trips. The ring road is particularly great for those long scenic drives with your loved ones. There are very few places out there that can match the sheer natural beauty that Iceland offers!

Go whale watching or glacier and volcano hopping as you enjoy the outdoors. What’s more, Iceland makes for an enjoyable destination, be it summer or winter.

This list is far from exhaustive, but these six places should top any holiday planning whiteboard you are using to figure out your next family vacation.  Although we’ve kept a budget in mind while narrowing down on these, it never hurts to try and save some more pennies in the process. The easiest tricks to do so are to plan and make bookings way in advance, and always be on the lookout for special offers.


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