Do you have what it takes to work from home?

Working from home can feel like one of the most liberating experiences of your professional life. Not only do you get the chance to decide when you want to work, you never have to worry about commuting or dealing with the stress of a 9-5 work routine.

Although for many people it is the ideal scenario, it does take a certain amount of skills and some specific personality traits to make it work for you.

Read on to find out if you have what it takes to be a successful work from home professional:

Can you work alone?

Some people thrive in a regular office setup because they enjoy the charged atmosphere of an office environment. For them, the chance to engage with other people and work in teams is a key factor at work. Others prefer a less disruptive environment, where they are free to work on their own terms without several interruptions throughout the day.

However, working from home does not mean that you will become isolated; there are still plenty of human interactions throughout the day; the only real difference is that you are not surrounded by a room full of people at their computers. To figure out if working from home is right for you, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable working from a home office as compared to a regular workplace filled with several other people.

Are you willing to improve your communication skills?

When you work for yourself, you are the boss, and this means that you will be directly communicating with clients, customers or vendors. In order for your business to run smoothly it is absolutely essential that you have good communication skills. Since a lot of your communication will be via email and telephone, you need to make sure that you are getting your message across clearly.

But there’s no reason to stress if you feel that you’re not up to the mark. You can take a communications class or consciously make an effort to improve your skills by watching informative tutorials and videos online.

How resourceful are you?

One of the key factors that differentiates a work from home opportunity from full time office life is that you have to be good at problem solving. Additionally, you should possesses the ability to make decisions without a second opinion, because, as your own boss, you will often be in situations where you have to decide something on the spot.  Are you comfortable finding solutions on your own and handling tough situations without guidance?  These traits are essential when you work independently.

When was the last time you installed a computer anti-virus on your own?

When you work from home, most of your work will be done on a computer and hence you will need to be tech-savvy. Being able to update your computer softwares and troubleshoot problems are important skills for any work at home professional. Since you won’t have a tech team to help you sort out issues, you will need to be equipped to handle tech issues and concerns yourself.

Can you stay motivated?

One of the most important traits for any business owner or work from home professional is to have a strong sense of internal motivation. Without a boss breathing down your neck or colleagues offering advice, guidance or motivation, you will have to find your own inspiration to meet deadlines and get through the day.

The perks of working from home are that you can easily take a break when you’re feeling overwhelmed or incorporate a work out into your day; these are helpful ways to stay motivated and inspired throughout the work day.

What traits and skills do you think are important for work from home professionals? Share your thoughts in the comments.