Arise EMEA Work From Home Agent Q&A – David Latour

David Latour has been an Arise agent for the past 2 years and 8 months. He currently lives and works from Cheddington, a village in the Leighton Buzzard area.

  1. Which clients do you service and what is your independent business called?

I service RAC  as well as helping other agents on Sky. I do this through my Independent Business calledAlphaclub Business Solutions Ltd.

  1. What was your former career, if any, prior to becoming an Arise agent?

I was a Senior Manager for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

  1. How did you end up in a position where you needed to search for new employment? E.g. redundancy, family issues or commitments, illness. I moved to Tring in Hertfordshire and I was based around the London area for work. The daily commute was getting too long and costly.blogimage


  1. Why did working from home appeal to you / suit you?

I really wanted to be my own boss and was very tempted by having no more daily commute but most of all it was having greater flexibility, which working with Arise instantly gives you.

  1. Why did you decide to create your own business to partner with Arise rather than work through someone else’s?

I started out by working through another limited company, but soon realised how much I enjoyed it and wanted to expand alongside the Arise Business Model – I soon knew that I wanted to start my own limited company and become a successful Independent Business Owner (IBO).

  1. Do you miss the interaction with other people that a traditional office setting would provide?

With Arise you don’t miss that as much; there is such a great support network from your fellow workers and Arise themselves, that you always can have a chat. If you have any concerns they are always answered quickly and efficiently by the Arise team.

  1. What appealed to you most about Arise over other work at home providers?

The training is great, the support is fantastic and the flexibility of the Arise business model is excellent. I don’t think it can be matched.

  1. How has working for Arise impacted on your life?

I have moved house since starting work for Arise and it made a pleasant change not having to think about how it would affect my working life. As long as there is broadband I can work.  The hours I work are picked by me, which is a very hard benefit to match elsewhere. I have also saved so much money on travelling costs as well as wasted, unpaid commuting time.

  1. If you hadn’t signed up to become an Arise agent, what do you think you would be doing now?

I might have stayed at my previous job, becoming gradually more disillusioned with long, expensive commutes.

  1. With Arise EMEA seeking over 700 new agents in 2014 alone, what would you say to anyone else considering work from home opportunities but unsure about what to expect?

If you want a change, and working from home appeals to you, then try it. There is so much to gain from working from home with Arise. You can pick your own hours and have the freedom to live where you want. No more commuting to and from work, with all that lost time and the implicated cost.  Childcare is also not such a big issue as the flexibility of working from home cuts down on that stress and, once again, cost.