5 Tips to Ensure Success When Working from Home

The concept of the traditional workplace has changed over the years and many people today prefer flexibility over anything else. No wonder then that the work from home concept is rapidly gaining popularity. In fact, in the UK alone, about 50% of the total workforce is expected to work remotely or from their respective homes by 2020.

There is no doubt that working from home is convenient, flexible and beneficial in many ways. However, if you are a work from home professional, you must have also realised that it is not always an easy thing to do. If you are wondering how you can successfully work from home with full sincerity and commitment, here are few tips that can help:

Follow a fixed schedule

The crux of work from home is flexibility and the freedom to determine your work schedule at your convenience. However, it is necessary to not take this flexibility for granted and end up abusing it. Setting up a fixed schedule helps you organise your work better and focus on making the most of your ‘working hours’.

Although you are not required to commute, and being 15 minutes late would do you no harm, implementing a schedule will enable you to be punctual. Also, it’s best not to let domestic chores get in the way during the time you’ve set aside for ‘work’ or professional commitments.

Look & feel like you’re at ‘work’

One benefit of working from home is comfort. You might well be in your pyjamas when you start working, but to be able to work in a focused and sincere manner, you need to feel and look the part. Without compromising on comfort, make sure that you are not too casually dressed, since it can hinder your sense of being at work.

Dress up for the day just like you would when going into a regular office. That doesn’t mean you need to dress up in a formal suit though unless you feel like it! Whether you work from home or a corporate office, the time that you spend working should be different from the time you spend simply surfing the internet, watching movies or playing computer games as a means of relaxation.

Have a dedicated office space

If you are unable to concentrate properly on your work, it could be due to the fact that you keep switching places every now and then and do not have a dedicated corner for work.

A dedicated office space that looks and feels like one is a dire necessity even when you work remotely and its size simply doesn’t matter. This space will also save you from frequent distractions at home. The more restricted the entry to this office space, the better you will be able to concentrate and be productive.

Keep all your communication resources ready

When you work from home, your home is your office so, obviously, you have no admin or support team to arrange things for you. So, make sure that you have all your communication-related items ready on your work table. Your internet connection or Wi-Fi must be reliable enough to let you work without interruptions.

When you are about to start your own business, your clients should not consider you casual in your approach just because you are working from home. So, for instance, when a client calls, you should not find yourself rushing to another room to find your headphones or notepad but have them all within easy reach in your dedicated work space.

Take a break occasionally

Working from home can feel a bit isolating and boring at times. To overcome this boredom and emerge successful, it is essential that you put work aside and take a stroll or simply visit the nearby coffee shop to grab a drink.

Just like you have breaks in corporate offices, this occasional time out while working from home lets you rejuvenate and increase your productivity. However, make sure you avoid household chores and, instead, simply relax during this break.

With these tips, you can evolve into a successful work from home professional and be your own boss.

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