Time management apps for parents

Here are some essential time management apps for parents because, whether you are a work from home professional or work full time in an office, parenting is no easy task.

Anyone who has children can vouch for the fact that parenting is no mean feat (regardless of how much they love their children).  And if you happen to be a working parent, irrespective of whether you work full-time, work from home, run an independent business or have taken a break from your career to take care of your child, juggling your personal and professional life becomes all the more difficult.

A recent report has highlighted that the number of working mums in England has risen by a million in the last 20 years. The numbers clearly reflect that women today don’t want to compromise on a career despite having children. Hence, the need for time management is more important than ever before.

Let’s look at some popular time management apps for parents that make lives simpler:

Family Organisers

Tracking your and your partner’s schedules in a central place can make it easier for you to plan your work commitments as well as set aside time for your children in sync with each other’s needs. Furthermore, family organiser apps can help you plan meals, tasks for the house, manage costs etc.

Some popular family organiser apps available on iOS include:


Calendar Apps

Managing everything at the same time can seem impossible and there are times when remembering multiple appointments can be challenging. This is why having calendar apps is important.

You can simply set a reminder for important appointments of the week and save time on going back and forth remembering which meeting is scheduled for when or when the monthly visit to the doctor is due.

Some popular calendar apps available on iOS and Android include:

  • Google Calendar, aCalendar – these apps help plan your day, week and month!
  • Plan – By bringing together everything in your work life, Plan lets you focus on executing projects.


Traffic apps

Now that you’ve managed to set a schedule between you and your partner and have been able to prioritise your appointments, you just need to ensure that you reach everywhere on time. That’s where traffic apps can come in handy.

These apps give you the opportunity to track real-time traffic from your house to the hospital, the coffee shop where you have your meeting scheduled or even the movies (when you can manage the time for leisure!). Making use of technology can make life simpler and better, even when it comes to finding your way around traffic!

Some of the popular traffic tracking apps on iOS and Android include:

  • UK Traffic Lite – This app reports live incidents in the UK with a street view presentation, using the most advanced technology available.
  • RAC Traffic – The app offers the widest coverage of traffic information in the UK, by enabling you to view incidents and delays on all UK roads.



 Time management, once you are a parent, can be quite challenging, and more important than ever before if you want to accomplish your personal and professional goals seamlessly.

The key is to count on all possible resources or tools to make life simpler, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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