4 Ways you save money working from home

While working from home might involve some initial investments, such as a computer and other essential items needed for a work from home office, most of these costs are a one-off expenditure and minimal compared to how much you spend when you work in a traditional office set-up. So, if you’re considering moving from your 9-5 life to a more flexible work from home option, here are some of the ways in which you will save money every month!

Save on Commuting

If you currently drive to work or take public transportation, you will notice an immediate drop in your monthly expenditure once you start working from the comfort of your home. When you no longer have to drive to the office, you will not only save money on petrol, your car will need less maintenance thus saving you money on repairs and insurance.

Spend Less on Lunch and Snacks

People who work remotely are more likely to eat a home-cooked lunch and avoid eating out on a daily basis. There is no denying that this can save a lot of money as not everyone is too keen on carrying a packed lunch to work. Also, think about the number of times you pay for an extra coffee or a snack when working through a long, tiring day at the office. Working from home and in close proximity to your kitchen (and perhaps a coffee machine) means that you not only save on outside snacking, you also opt for healthier and more wholesome food.

You won’t always need a professional wardrobe

We’re not saying that you should work in your pajamas, but when you work from home you don’t have to dress in formal business attire every day. You will save a large chunk of your earnings every year by avoiding the need to invest in suit jackets and dry cleaning.

Less money spent on childcare

This benefit is especially valuable to working mums and dads. Although you will still need childcare for the hours that you’re working, in all likelihood this expense will be cut in half. You also get to enjoy more time with your children since a work from home opportunity entails a flexible schedule where you set your own work hours.

If you’re looking for a work from home opportunity that offers flexibility and independence, get in touch with Arise. We offer exciting work from home opportunities for small businesses run by professional and experienced customer service agents. If you prefer not to own your own business, you can join an existing business within the Arise Network of Independent Businesses as a Client Support Professional and still enjoy the benefits of a work-from-home lifestyle.