Here’s why more men are opting to work from home

If stereotypes governed our perceptions, the common inclination would be to assume that working from home was an option relevant to and preferred mainly by women. However, latest statistics tell a different story. Out of the 1.5 million people working from home in the UK, 900,000 are men and 600,000 are women. ( Flexible or remote working can therefore no longer be considered a perk or an exception – it has become a popular way of doing business, that results in a practical and profitable solution for both employer and employee.

So, what reasons are prompting more and more men to embrace the work from home lifestyle? Below we delve into some advantages of homeworking, that cut across gender differences and apply equally to both sexes, that provide us with some valuable pointers as to the cause of this definite and welcome shift in ideology.

Saves time and cost

Time and money are premium commodities today and working from home successfully saves both. It spares you the lengthy commute and the daily fuel cost, which can add up to a sizeable sum at the end of the month. What’s more, you also save on your lunch cost and other inevitable expenses that you end up incurring in or around your workplace.

Working from home also means that you are able to begin your work exactly when you are supposed to, without needing any extra time to unwind and settle down after a long, and potentially stressful, commute to work.

Flexible hours

The 9 to 5 routine is becoming somewhat passé and today everyone wants greater freedom with their work schedule. Men and women alike would like to re-structure their day according to their specific situation. Parenting too is increasingly being considered as a shared responsibility and more and more dads are wishing to become more involved in their children’s upbringing. Therefore, the ability to be able to choose your work hours and plan your day around them comes as a welcome change from the rigid monotony of the 9 to 5.

Enhanced Productivity

Most people who work from home affirm the benefits of working from home to the overall quality of their performance. Fewer distractions, the elimination of micromanagement and a better ability to concentrate lead to higher efficiency and enhanced productivity. According to a survey, employees in the UK spend, on average, almost half a working day away from their desk. Further – not every individual follows the same circadian rhythm – which means that peak productivity hours differ for everyone. The flexibility of being able to work when they feel most productive is what is driving men and women to break free from the traditional brick and mortar office and the constraints of a 9 to 5 regime.

Better work-life harmony

It’s impossible to ignore the stress that the modern pace of life has caused in our lives. From fighting the traffic to and from work, to meeting deadlines and struggling to keep ahead of the competition – it is enough to consume even the toughest of us. A conventional working style eats into our family time, allowing no room for any kind of relaxation or recreation except for during weekends. As people are increasingly feeling the toll that tension and exhaustion are taking on their physical and mental wellbeing, they are turning towards home working as it promises a better quality of life. It is giving them the time and energy to pursue their hobbies, to simply enjoy blissful me time and, most importantly, to participate in family activities so crucial to a happy home.

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