How can work-at-home fathers achieve balance?

Working from home is no longer gender specific, and with more and more dads choosing to work remotely, the trend is steadily being embraced as the norm. Every role has its own set of challenges, meaning work at home dads need to juggle their activities and manage time skillfully to be able to maintain the delicate balance between home and career.

Below are a few valuable tips to help work at home dads achieve the perfect balance between keeping on top of their work schedule and family commitments.

Work a flexible schedule

The greatest advantage of working from home is the ability to set your own hours. Steer clear of the rigid 9 to 5 and schedule times that allow you to take care of all domestic requirements and also spare sometime for yourself. Check if it is possible to amend your working hours to suit your daily commitments which might differ on a day-to-day basis. It is important to have a process in place that works for you, your home and your profession.

Request the help of friends and family

If you have young school children, holiday times are the toughest for any work at home parent. In such situations, do not hesitate to reach out to other parents in a similar position. Arrange play dates for the children so that they can be hosted in each home at least one day of the week. This gives you the time you need to be able to work without any disturbance for the majority of that day.

Become an early riser

Although this may work best for morning people, it still is an option you might want to try. Waking in the small hours and getting a few items checked off your to-do list for the day – whether personal or professional – can certainly ease the pace of what is to follow later. Therefore, if you want to maximise your work day, making an early start is the way to go.

Hire a nanny

If you are the parent of a toddler, balancing home and work every single day could seem like an insurmountable challenge. Rather than being at your wit’s end wondering how to cope, it could be a good idea to hire the services of a nanny for a few hours each day to take care of the little one(s). This can provide much-needed respite and the peace to complete your work assignments.

Plan well ahead and leave room for the unexpected

Most of us like to stay on top of our schedule by having the day or week planned and organized well ahead of time. However, it’s equally important to plan for the unexpected break in routine that can disrupt your meticulous time management. It could be something as simple as a headache or something more pressing such as an emergency with your children that may need your immediate attention and set you behind schedule. The way to accommodate these scenarios is to count an extra hour or two for every project that you have on hand. That way you will still be able to meet your deadlines in a high pressure situation.

Indulge yourself with some me time

As a work at home parent you will soon become adept at juggling professional and personal commitments and find yourself coordinating everything in a smooth way. However, if you are at this comfortable juncture, remember to think about indulging yourself too. As you strive to be super-efficient at managing all your responsibilities, you may end up with no time to de-stress. So, make sure that you allow yourself a couple of hours every week to be alone, to pursue your hobby or do whatever it is that helps you to unwind and relax.


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