Next up, you will have to run a “PC Check”. This is a quick series of tests, just to make sure your computer meets the System and Use Policy.  Your broadband download and upload speeds along with the consistency of connection will also be checked. You need to run the test for a wired connection and from the computer system you intend to service from.


Please note that if your computer doesn’t pass the check, you’ll need to upgrade it before moving any further.


After your PC Check, you’ll still have just a few more assessments to pass. They might sound confusing, but don’t worry — they’re straightforward!


These depend on the client, but typically, they might asses your voice, skills, and then background check. Within two business days, you’ll find out if you passed all your assessments and the background check usually is returned within 14 working days.


Once these steps have been completed you will be ready to pay for the class.