Once you are fully enrolled in the certification opportunity you should take some time to prepare for your virtual learning experience.

You will need the following to be set up ready for class:

  • A working PC which meets the specification laid out in the system and equipment policy.
  • A working service landline, desk phone and headset (This is typically different to your PC Headset)
  • A quiet environment for certification, without any distractions.


You can expect to receive some really important information in the seven days prior to class starting. Please read the information and retain the emails for future reference.


  • An email explaining Duo
    As part of Arise’s continuing commitment to Information Security, in order to service through the Arise Platform, you must authenticate using Duo Security. Duo Security is a two-factor authentication service that provides a secure and user-friendly way to authenticate the log-in access for the Arise Platform. Please click the link as soon as you receive the email to set up your Duo Security. Once you have completed the steps you will have no issues logging in when prompted for authentication later.
  • An email from Client Success with instructions on how to build your Arise Secure Desktop
    Remember to purchase a USB flash drive and build your ASD prior to class (information on the ASD is included in the Opportunity Announcement). Instructions will be attached to the email you receive for your reference. If you have any issues, please contact Arise Support via the Arise Portal. It is crucial that you can access the ASD before the start of the course, and that you are comfortable with loading the ASD, practice makes perfect!
  • Finally, an email from the Instructor for your certification course introducing themselves
    Dependant on the programme you will be informed of any pre-work requirements, how to access the virtual classroom on your first day and some further information on your learning journey.


The award-winning learning experience can be intense and will require a dedicated approach. You will be required to carry out role plays and regular assessments throughout the duration of the course. It is however engaging, fun and will allow you to get the work life balance you have been looking for!